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MOROCCO: Orange & Almond Basbousa

In conjunction with our focus on Morocco week, as well as making their Morocco Lapbooks the kids also had fun making this lovely Moroccan cake. Here is the recipe and method: Ingredients: 115g butter, softened 1 orange 100g golden caster sugar 2 eggs, beaten 150g semolina 100g ground almonds 1 1/2 tsp baking powder icing […]

Humpty Dumpty Totbook

This is my daughter, Amina’s totbook. You wouldn’t think there would be a lot that you could include in a totbook about Humpty Dumpty, would you? Think again! This cute little totbook includes cut out and paste story sequence cards, colouring activities, and lots of facts to learn about eggs, such as how eggs can […]

COMING SOON: Triops Project Folder

Yusef and Samira, my two eldest, are currently putting together a project folder about triops. We recently set up our Triop Tank Project and the two of them are working together to make a fact file containing information, pictures, drawings and observation worksheets that relate to the project. More details soon insha’Allah.

Our Triops Tank

As part of our Dinosaur theme studies I decided it would be fun to let the kids grow their own ‘living fossils’ that have been around since before the dawn of the dinosaurs. Triops are aquatic crustaceans that can be found all over the world … they are sometimes referred to as tadpole shrimp. You can […]

Dinosaur Totbook

We have been learning alot about Dinosaurs recently. My son Yusef has been busy making a Dinosaur Lapbook and he’s been enthusiastically telling his sisters about every dinosaur fact he has learned. My younger girls wanted to get involved so I decided to make this Dinosaur themed Totbook with them. You can download the files to make this totbook […]

Dino-Multiplication File Folder

Here is another fun file folder game that we included in our dinosaur theme studies. I found this file folder on the FILE FOLDER FUN website. It’s a quick and fun way to get kids practising or reviewing their times tables – in this case, the 10 times tables. I used a sheet of A3 […]

Count to 10 File Folder

I made this file folder when my daughter Basma was just starting to count. She used to count things by touching but sometimes she would be counting faster out loud rather than matching the number of objects she was counting. So this little file folder game was great to help her slow down and count […]