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New Baby Lapbook

Masha’Allah, tabarak’Allah, I am expecting my baby daughter at the end of March insha’Allah so I thought it would be a nice idea to involve the kids in a family project that can help them better understand what it means to have a new baby in the family.

I was inspired to make this lapbook after seeing Umm Abdul Basir’s lovely lapbook here. She very kindly made printable templates available to download. The Islamic elements are her own design, masha’Allah.

Here is how the lapbook folds out.

On the first page is a set of 4 flaps that ask questions and give answers about what happens when the baby is ready to be born.

This is a diaper shaped pocket and inside we put the scan photos showing various weeks of development, we may have a couple more to include over the next few weeks insha’Allah as I have a few sizing scans to attend.

This nice little flap details the verses from the Qur’an with questions for the kids to answer and understand how Allah creates life in the womb.

Here are some adorable letters that each of the kids wrote to the baby, telling the baby how much they love the baby and what they are going to do for the baby when she is born insha’Allah. There are a few lines that they will be able to complete after the baby’s born.

Here are 4 cards containing details of the kids measurements as a little momento to show the baby when she’s grown up and so that the kids can see how they have grown compared to the baby.

This is a book to complete details on who the baby looks like but we can’t complete this until after she is born insha’Allah.

This cute little flap resembles a photo album and inside the kids have drawn the members of our family now and what we will look like after the baby is born.

My young girls had fun making this cycle wheel that shows the baby’s development from crawling through to walking.

This pocket contains a couple of activities.

First up is a set of family cards that help them to learn the Arabic names for various family members. Yusef practised his Arabic writing skills by filling out the cards.

And next is a nice jigsaw puzzle that depicts a Muslim Family sat around a table for dinner.

This pocket contains a set of cards which represent what the baby will need.

Basma stuck down red jewel hearts to represent love. Amina stuck down silver jewel hearts to represent hugs. And Samira drew X’s on this card to represent kisses.

The younger girls helped to match up and glue down the pictures of the items that we will need to prepare for the baby.

Here are a set of cute counting cards with a baby theme.

And finally a set of card that Yusef completed showing members of of family and how they are related to the baby. They will be completed after she is born insha’Allah.


One comment on “New Baby Lapbook

  1. As salaamu alaykum, once again another fantastic lapbook maashaaAllaah. Our new arrival is already here maashaaAllaah but i am going to adapt this a little for my older two children to help them understand how much time a new baby demands, just in case they are feeling a little left out. Also it will help them feel a little closer to their baby brother inshaaAllaah.

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