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Handy Manny Totbook

This is my youngest daughter, Basma’s totbook based on the children’s character, Handy Manny.

This totbook contains mini-books and activities which teach colours in both English and Spanish, counting and number recognition, shape recognition and also teaches your child how to spell their name.

I found the templates for this totbook over on the 1+1+1=1 website.

Basma loves Handy Manny so she had great fun putting the elements for this totbook together because she was already familiar with the characters, and thanks to Dora and Handy Manny she can already count to 10 in Spanish and she knows a few Spanish words too.

So this is what the totbook looks like when it’s opened out. It fits neatly into a file folder, but I usually use sheets of A3 card as an alternative which can be folded in much the same way.

This is a little pull out tab with the letters that spell out Basma’s name. Here I drew out the letters lightly with a pencil ready for her to trace over with a felt-tip pen.

Since making this totbook she has learned to spell out her name with magnetic letters and she has almost mastered writing her name with a pen, masha’Allah.

In the centre of the totbook is a minibook that teaches colours in both English and Spanish, a few of the Spanish colours she was already familiar with.

This is a little set of cards that I strung together. On each card are a pictures of tools. Basma counted the tools and then coloured the number that showed the correct number of tools.

Basma loved this little flap book that shows all the tool characters from Handy Manny. She knew their names and she learned what kind of tool they were and we talked about what each tool might be used for, i.e. a hammer to knock in nails, a saw to saw wood. Then she coloured the pictures according to the character colours.

This little pocket holds shape cards. The cards are in pairs with lots of different shapes so we played matching games and memory games with the cards as well as learning the names of the shapes.

Finally I made a shadow matching game. I glued down 6 cards that show the silhouettes of various tools and then Basma had to place the correct tool cards over the top of the silhouettes.



One comment on “Handy Manny Totbook

  1. i really appreciate ur work as a mother.u had taken a big effort, masha-allah may allah bless ur family.

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