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Amina’s Phonics Lapbook

My daughter Amina is following in her older sister’s footsteps and is now starting the Progressive Phonics Program. She is starting to make a set of mini lapbooks based on the sets of reading books and worksheets available from Progressive Phonics.

My daughter Samira also made similar lapbooks when she first started with this program which you can view here.

Amina has been eager for a while to actually start reading and I wasn’t planning to start this program until she had left nursery but I recently took both Amina and Basma out of nursery in order to give them an early start and to establish a routine before our new baby daughter is born in March insha’Allah and I certainly don’t regret my decision because both girls are really enjoying learning alongside their older brother and sister, masha’Allah.

So after reviewing the sounds d-o-d and d-o-g and blending them to form the words, we started with reading book one. Amina would follow along on the computer screen reading out the words highlighted in red. Then she would complete the activity sheets over 2-3 days (all at once may be too much for some young children and you don’t want to overwhelm them because it will put them off).

I printed off the two new words that she had learned and she went over them with her pen. We also practised writing them out on a white board a few times so she became familiar with the shape of the letters and how to draw them correctly. Both reading and writing together help children to remember words more easily.

She coloured and pasted down a colouring page from the story and then completed the handwriting sheets to practise the individual letters.

This is then reinforced by completing sound association activities. Amina would colour in all the pictures of things that started with “d”, “o” or “g”.

I also included some additional worksheets that I created myself to help with sound association.

If you would like the additional worksheets you can find them available to download in my File Share Widget under Phonics Lapbook.


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