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Fossilisation Flapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s flapbook about the process of fossilisation. Flapbooks are a nice way of breaking down information that contains a sequence of events. It helps children to memorise and recall processes easily. Diagrams are particularly important. When children draw their own diagrams it helps them retain more information. You can make your own flapbook using this printable template HERE.

Yusef has been learning recently about fossils and rock formations and I thought this little flapbook was a nice way to help him remember the process of fossilisation.

We broke down the process into four steps that can be easily remembered. Yusef drew four diagrams and added details underneath to explain each step. This process focuses on the fossilisation of Ammonites.

To make this flapbook I folded a sheet of A3 card into half and then folded each half in half again. I then cut a slit up the centre of each outer half to make the individual flaps.

I printed off the title wording for Yusef to colour and stick onto the front of the flap book and when the flap is opened it reveals a diagram and some written information.

Here is the book when it is opened out completely.

*** If you’d like to have a go at making your own fossils, check out our Clay Dinosaur Fossils ***

You can learn more about fossilisation and fossil fuels in our Oceans & Oceanography Lapbook.


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