Elephant Lapbook

A while ago Yusef was reading a book called “100 Things You Should Know About Elephants” published by Miles Kelly. It’s a fascinating book packed full of fun and interesting facts. Who’d have thought there was so much to know about elephants … and Yusef has managed to cram quite  a few of those facts into this lovely lapbook, masha’Allah.

I found a great set of templates for an elephant lapbook on the Homeschool Share website which we used to complete our lapbook as well as a few extras which I Googled or made myself. You can download the files to make this lapbook HERE. You can download the additional files HERE

For other elephant related activities, why not check out our Elephant Notebook Pages from our Animals in the Qur’an Project.

This turned into a rather large lapbook in the end containing lots of information and interesting facts. Below are pictures of what the lapbook looks like as the pages are unfolded.

First is a small flap about how elephants communicate.

Next is a double flap looking at the extinct relatives of the elephant. Yusef glued down the pictures and wrote in the information.

Here is a flap all about elephant babies.

This is a small flap book about the family names for elephants, i.e. the mother, father and baby.

Next is a petal book all about the sensitive elephant trunk.

This is a fold out book about the strong bonds between elephant herd members.

This is a triple flap Venn diagram comparing the Asian and African elephants.

Next is a flap containing a Venn diagram comparing the modern day elephant to its extinct relatives.

Here is a stack book on classification of the elephant. To learn more about classification you can check out this great Animal Classification Lapbook.

There were two blank elephant-shaped templates that we didn’t know what to do with so I thought it would be fun to stick elephant jokes on them.

Next up are some English language exercises. This is an accordion book all about elephant adjectives followed by a flap book containing elephant adjectives and synonyms.

This is a pocket of vocabulary cards related to the subject of elephants.

On each card is a word and on the reverse Yusef wrote the meaning.

This is a pocket containing an elephant jigsaw puzzle. Yusef coloured the elephant picture and then we cut it into squares that can later be pieced together to complete the jigsaw.

This whole page is dedicated to a set of vocabulary flaps.

Under each flap the word is broken down to explain the meaning.

This is a triple flap matchbook about the elphants brain, skin and tusks. Yusef wrote information under each flap.

Here is another accordion book all about Terrific Trunks containing diagrams and information.

Here is a small flap containing information about elephants ears.

This balloon-shaped book shows how long elephants live on average in the wild.

This is a factbook stapled together. On each page Yusef wrote a fact that he found interesting accompanied by a drawing.

Here is another accordion book all about trunks. Yusef copied some information from the internet into this book.

This is an interlocking book explaining why elephants are endangered.

We like this clever little window book all about Elephant Olympics. It looks at the physical things that elephants are good at and not so good at and why the case may be.

More elephant jokes…

This flap explains what elephants like to eat and how much they usually eat comparing the difference between males and females.

We learned that elephants, like humans, are mammals so in this flap book we compared and completed a checklist of mammalian features for both elephants and humans.

This flap looks more indepth at 3 mammal body organs – the brain, the heart and the lungs.

Inside each flap Yusef wrote information on how each of the organs function.

This is a small flap all about where elephants live, i.e. their habitats.

This folding window flap book is very nice, all about war elephants. The Homeschool Share website suggests answering questions on Hannibal but instead we chose to add an Islamic element and do a small history lesson on Abraha, the Yemeni Christian who came with his army of elephants to tried and failed to destroy the Ka’bah in Makkah.

Here is a double flap book about elephants height and weight comparing between African and Asian elephants.

Next is a nice triple flap book all about Horton the Elephant. For anyone who deosn’t know, Horton is a character creation of Dr Seuss. He is a kind and caring elephant as portrayed in the two poems penned by Dr Seuss.

We read the two poetic stories about Horton and discussed some of his characteristics. Then Yusef used that information to complete the character flaps. We also watched the film called Horton Hears a Who.

These are a set of cards strung together and taped into the lapbook. They contain information about elephant occupations.

This is a bar graph comparing Yusef’s height to the height of an African elephant and an Asian elephant as well as other animals.

Finally, on the reverse of the lapbook is an envelope containing a set of word activity worksheets, including crossword, word search, spelling games and vocabulary games.


5 comments on “Elephant Lapbook

  1. I cannot find widget on the screen . Could you please send me the files. Thank you. Shelly

  2. Assaamualaykum sis, I pray that you are well, aamiin. MashaAllah I love your work! I would like to use it for our co-op class, would it be too much trouble if you can send me the files to my email: ya4wl2013(at)gmail(dot)com. JazakAllah khayr! Ma”asalaama

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