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Progress Chart

Recently, my husband and I came to a decision to take our younger two girls out of the local nursery and start them studying at home with their older siblings.

We have established a daily routine and I created this progress chart with a weekly table for each of the four kids to add gold stars as they complete various activities throughout the day.

Each sheet shows 7 days of the week and various subjects including English, Maths, Science and Islam.

I have set targets for each of the kids to achieve on a daily basis. At present I expect Yusef to complete activities for at least 5 subjects a day; for Samira, at least 4 subjects a day and for Amina and Basma, 3 subjects a day, which will usually incorporate Phonics, Numeracy and Islam.

I make sure that we have a balance so that the older two cover every subject in one way or another, at least twice a week with English, Maths and Islam being fixed daily targets.

And I also set targets for the number of gold stars I expect them to achieve by the end of the week. For Yusef, he currently has a target of 25 gold stars a week, Samira is aiming for 20 and the younger two aim for 12. When they reach those targets they are rewarded with a small prize and they feel that they have really achieved something and they all enjoying working for their stars, masha’Allah.


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