Animal Classification Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s Animal Classification Lapbook. We have been doing a lot to do with animals lately and alot of vocabulary has been cropping up relating to classification and I was fortunate enough to find this Animal Classification Lapbook on the Homeschool Share website.

Samira completed the lapbook and I also made a few extra worksheets for her to review what she had learned. You can download all the files for this lapbook, including the worksheets HERE.  We also made an Animal Classification Wall Chart for interactive learning.

Here’s what the lapbook includes as the first page folds out.

Here is a close up of the Wordsearch and Crossword puzzle that I made.

On the reverse is a Missing Word activity sheet.

Here is what the lapbook looks like when it’s opened out completely. It’s packed full of little mini books.

The first page contains mini books all about how animals are classified.

The next two pages are divided into booklets on Vertebrates and booklets on Invertebrates.

First up is a flap looking at the structure and classification of animals into their various groups.

Then there is a double flap to understand what are vertebrates and what are invertebrates.

At the bottom of the page is two mini books explaining that vertebrates are split into 5 main groups and invertebrates are split into 4 main groups and under the flaps Samira wrote the names of each of those groups.

In the vertebrates section the first minibook is all about mammals and how mammalian features are identified.

Then we have a stacked set of cards all about amphibians.

Below that is a matchbook about fish and a T-book all about reptiles.

Finally, completing the vertebrates section is a set of fact cards all about birds which are held together with string.

Moving onto the invertebrates section, the first flap is all about arthropods. Under the flap Samira explained what an arthropod is and listed a few examples.

Next is the echinoderm matchbook. Echinoderms include animals such as starfish, sea-urchins and sea cucumbers.

Next to that is an accordion book about annelids. The only examples of annelids that we were able to find seemed to be various forms of worms.

And finally, a collection of cards strung together containing facts about mollusks – land and sea varietes.

This was a very interesting project and even I learned a thing or two, mashaa’Allah!


9 comments on “Animal Classification Lapbook

  1. MAsha allah.This is excellent…Im so impressed.

  2. MashaAllah, it’s really great!!

  3. Jazakum’Allahu khayran Sisters for your kind comments.

  4. Wow I was just looking to introduce classification to my children and discovered your work, mashaAllah this is an excellent resource. I am soooo going to use it. Jzk sis!

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  6. This is really beautiful to see all the creative work that has been done on learning to classify animals with their proper names and groups. Well done!

  7. thanks much for this.. it was really a great help.

  8. This worksheets are very useful thank you

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