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Elephant Lapbook

A while ago Yusef was reading a book called “100 Things You Should Know About Elephants” published by Miles Kelly. It’s a fascinating book packed full of fun and interesting facts. Who’d have thought there was so much to know about elephants … and Yusef has managed to cram quite  a few of those facts […]

Dolphin Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s lapbook all about dolphins. I found most of the templates for this on the Homeschool Share website. I also made a few additional templates of my own which you can download below. Marine Maths Dolphin Species Cards Dolphin Vocab Cards Dolphin Lapbook Cover Dolphin Activities This lapbook is A4 size […]

Allah the Creator – Pizza Book

I was inspired to make this cute little pizza book after finding it on Umm Rashid’s blog. I made it with my younger two daughters, Amina 4 and Basma 3. They made one each. I like the idea that you can pack lots of information into a book that you can fold up and hold […]

Progress Chart

Recently, my husband and I came to a decision to take our younger two girls out of the local nursery and start them studying at home with their older siblings. We have established a daily routine and I created this progress chart with a weekly table for each of the four kids to add gold […]

Surah Al Kahf Lapbook

This is my son Yusef’s lapbook on Surah Al Kahf (The Cave), chapter 18 of the Quran. I was inspired to make this lapbook with him after seeing Umm Rashid’s fantastic Surah Al Kahf Lapbook here. I have made templates available for anyone who would like to make this lapbook. You can download  them HERE. […]

Glove Puppets

My girls are very creative and love all sorts of arts and craft. Recently I was in our local supermarket when I spotted a whole section of assorted sets for kids to make and do. I picked up this set of 3 glove puppets for just £2.25. The material is all pre-cut which saves a […]

Animal Classification Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s Animal Classification Lapbook. We have been doing a lot to do with animals lately and alot of vocabulary has been cropping up relating to classification and I was fortunate enough to find this Animal Classification Lapbook on the Homeschool Share website. Samira completed the lapbook and I also made a […]