Subtraction Lapbook

When I first started teaching my kids maths, I made a series of arithmatic lapbooks covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My daughter Samira made the addition and subtraction ones while my son, Yusef made the multiplication and division ones.

This one is the subtraction one that I finally found after sorting out our resources cupboard, and it’s great for looking back and reviewing and also for introducing arithmatic to the younger kids.

When the lapbook is opened out it reveals lots of mini-books showing the number families 1-9.

First is the One Family which opens up as an accordian style book.

Second is the Two Family which is a tri-fold book that opens out to reveal the sums and answers.

The Three Family is displayed on a pin wheel.

The Four Family is shown on a set of stacked cards.

The Five Family is a mini-book that folds out to reveal the sums and answers.

The Six Family is a series of small cards that are held together with string.

The Seven Family is displayed on matchbook style flaps with the sum on the outside flap and the answer written inside.

The Eight Family is a set of pull out cards held together by tabs.

And finally, the Nine Family is shown on a sliding scale. The child can slide the bar up or down the scale and complete the sums aloud.

I found the templates for this lapbook on the Homeschool Share website.

You may also like to view this Subtraction File Folder Game.


3 comments on “Subtraction Lapbook

  1. Assalamu alaikum sis,

    I just wanted to know where can i find the link to download …I cant find the ‘fileshare widget’ when i try to scroll down…or am i missing something?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this…! This is terrific…!

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