Cats Lapbook

As if you couldn’t tell by all the pink … yes, this is my daughter, Samira’s lapbook all about cats. I have finally got round to blogging again after a couple of months break!

Samira absolutely adores anything to do with animals, she reminds me of myself at that age, masha’Allah. She has been on at us to get a cat for ages and recently my husband surprised us with a cute fluffy bundle, a little black kitten we named Minouche which is Algerian slang for ‘little kitten’. Samira was so happy and excited and in the meantime, I redirected her focus into this adorable little lapbook packed full of facts all about cats.

I found the templates and unit study for this lapbook on the Homeschool Share website. I also made a few extras. You can download more cat printables HERE.

We made this lapbook by taping two sheets of A3 card together and then folding in a tri-fold. This is how the lapbook looks when opened out.

On the first page is a diagram of a cat with its main body parts labelled.

Below that is a stack of cards showing different cat colour patterns.

On either side is a small picture of a cat coloured blue and pink. Each cat has a joke question written on the front and when the lower flap is lifted it reveals the answer.

On the reverse of the first page is a page all about cat communication. There is a table which we called ‘Tail Talk’ all about the way cats communicate with their tail and what each gesture means.

Below the table is another set of mini flaps that help to understand cat’s body language.

Next is a flap with a list of things that cats like to eat.

Next is a small flap all about how cats see colour. It was long thought that cats see in black and white, but recewnt research suggests that cats have cones in their eyes (like humans) which allow them to see certain shades of colour but they show no particular interest in colours.

Next is a small trifold containing some copy work of the poem called ‘Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat’.

Here is a flap containing mini-matchbooks showing week by week the development of a kitten, from birth to weaning. Samira wrote a little information under each of the flaps.

Next is a little tab book all about the responsibilities of looking after a pet.

This is an animal classification flap book relating to cats.

Here is a split flap book about cats eyes and why they glow in the dark.

Here Samira made a collection of cards strung together showing famous cartoon cats.

Next is a fold out flapbook book all about cat’s fur and how it protects them.

Then there is this great little flap about cat claws.

This is a stacked book containing multiplication and division problems based on numbers of cat body parts … very cute!

Next is a shutter book listing some different species of wild cats and domestic cats.

Then there is a layered book all about the herb called ‘catnip’ that cats love the smell of. The mini book lists the medicinal properties of the herb.

Here is an adorable heart shaped flap containing a photo of our kitten, Minouche.

On the reverse of the flap Samira had written a little bit about Minouche.

Next is an accordion book with lots of bits of information about cats.

And finally is a set of cards strung together. On eatch card is a catchphrase related to cats and underneath the catchprase Samira wrote its meaning.



9 comments on “Cats Lapbook

  1. Where did you get the “tail talk” print out? I’ve looked and can not find it.

  2. assalaamalaykum

    ukhtee i cant find the cat folder in the widget

    • Walaykum salam Sister,

      My apologies … there seems to have been an uploading error. I’m correcting it at the moment insha’Allah. I have emailed you all the files, I hope you find them useful.

  3. Hello! i am just starting a cat lapbook with my daugther…would it be possible to use some of your ideas? Similar to a question above, how do find them? Thanks so much! Jolene

    • Hi Jolene,

      As you scroll down the page, on the right of the screen amongst the categories you will find a white box containing yellow file folders. These are my BOX net files. You can scroll through them to find the Cat Lapbook and then download the files from there. Please feel free to use as much as you like. Alternatively you can download them via the Homeschool Share website … the link is in the blog post. Have fun!

  4. Want to use your catfolder but can’t find the cat folder widget. I have the homeschool share folder but I need the other stuff you have used. Can you please help?

  5. I have removed my old File Share widget as it wasn’t working correctly. You can now download all the files for this lapbook from here: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=Z0XQ9ogwQ5Ecn2bvj19mag

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