Prophet Muhammad Lapbook (Makkan Period)

I have searched and searched the internet looking for a lapbook on Prophet Muhammad, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam, but as of yet I have been unable to find anything, so I decided to make my own.

**UPDATE** You can now view and download the Madinah Period Lapbook

Last Eid ul Adha I got a wonderful set of timelines for my kids from Learning Roots which displays the Seerah (biography) of Prophet Muhammad, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam, in two parts – the Makkan period and the Madani Period.

Each separate timeline comes with a set of stickers containing specific events in the life of the Messenger of Allah, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam, and the children have to stick the events down on the time line in the correct order.

My son, Yusef made this lapbook in conjunction with the timeline, and we learned step by step the events that took place during the Prophet’s time in Makkah. We are also used the book ‘The Story of Muhammad (saas) in Makkah’ by Abu Zubair available from most Islamic bookstores (published by Darussalam).

If you would like to make a similar lapbook, you can download my lapbook templates HERE.
You can now download a Swedish translation of this lapbook, kindly translated by Sister Hannah of ‘Mamma Lar Mig’. Visit her blog for further details inshaa’Allah

I made this lapbook by taping 3 sheets of A3 card together. When the lapbook opens out, this is how it looks. The front pages open like shutters.

The centre page folds down to reveal two more pages of mini-books.

The first page in view when the front cover is opened out is a page title ‘BEFORE PROPHETHOOD’. It contains 4 mini-books on Prophet Muhammad’s life before he received revelation.

First is a flap about his birth and childhood.

Then there is a flap about his youth and his journey with the trade caravan to Syria.

Next is a double flap about when he reached adulthood and got married to Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her).

Here is a T-fold book about the Black Stone dispute at the Ka’bah.

The page folds down to reveal the sectioned titled ‘THE SECRET CALL’

Here is a mini-book about the First Revelation in the Cave of Hira. From this point the different mini-books have subtitles above or below them indicating how many years after the advent of prophethood that each event occured.

Here is an oval-shaped tri-fold that talks about the first people to accept Islam and become Muslim.

Next is a flap about the call from Mount Safa – the beginning of the Open Call to Islam.

Below that is a shutter book about the miracle of the Splitting of the Moon.

In the section titled ‘THE OPEN CALL’ there is an accordion book all about the migration of the Muslims to the safety of Abyssinia.

Below that is a flap book all about the prophet’s uncle, Hamza and Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with them) accepting Islam.

When the book opens it reveals a pop-up Arabic calligraphy (Radhi’Allahu anhum – May Allah be pleased with them).

Attached to the centre of the lapbook is a collection of triangle-shaped cards which talk about the boycott of the tribes of Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib.

Next to that is a collection of question and answer flaps focusing on the Year of Sadness in which the Prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam lost his beloved wife, Khadijah and his uncle, Abu Talib, who had been protecting him.

This was followed by the Isra wa Miraj (The Night Journey to Bait ul Maqdis in Jerusalem and the Ascension to the Heavens)

The book opens out to reveal a series of flaps with questions of the front and the answers written by Yusef inside.

Also on the same page is a small flap about the Men From Madinah who came to embrace Islam.

The final section is titled ‘THE CALL BEYOND MAKKAH’ where Islam was beginning to spread outside of Makkah all the way to Madinah.

First up are two flaps that mention the pledge of Al Aqabah by the men of Madinah, followed the next year by 73 men and 2 women from Madinah, all who pledged allegiance to the prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam and promised to protect him from his enemies.

Finally is this quartered flap book that tells the story of the migration to Madinah and the miraculous story of the Cave of Thawr in which Allah protected the prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam and his companion Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) when they hid in the cave and the spider built its web over the entrance.

**UPDATE** I have recently come to learn that the story of the spider’s web and the dove’s nest are not from the Sahih Ahadeeth:
The scholars differed concerning this hadeeth. Its isnaad was classed as hasan by al-Haafiz ibn Hajar in Fath al-Baari and by Ibn Katheer in al-Bidaayah wa’l-Nihaayah (3/222). It was classed as da’eef by al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Da’eefah. Ahmad Shaakir said in Tahqeeq al-Musnad (3251): there is some dispute concerning its isnaad. The commentators on al-Musnad said (3251): its isnaad is da’eef. And Allaah knows best.  With regard to the story of the two doves or pigeons, this was mentioned by Ibn Katheer in al-Bidaayah wa’l-Nihaayah (3/223). He said, it was narrated by Ibn ‘Asaakir, then he said: This hadeeth is ghareeb jiddan with this isnaad. It was similarly classed as da’eef by the commentators on al-Musnad in the same place referred to above.  Al-Albaani said in al-Silsilah al-Da’eefah (3/339): Note that there is no saheeh hadeeth concerning the spider and doves at the cave, despite the fact that this is widely mentioned in some books and lectures which are given on the anniversary of the migration of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) to Madeenah.


Glory be to Allah and all Praise, Glory be to Allah, the Almighty and Magnificent

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80 comments on “Prophet Muhammad Lapbook (Makkan Period)

  1. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    MashaAllah this lapbook is so cute, I love it! What a great way to introduce the seerah.

    Wasalamu alaikum

    Umm Yusuf

  2. As salaamu alaykum,

    Outstanding! Got templates? It is wonderful how you did it year to year of the prophethood. Very creative ma sh a Allah.

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sis,

      Yes, the templates are in my File Share widget on the menu bar. If you can’t find it, I’ll email them to you insha’Allah.

      Jazaki’allahu khayran for your kind comments and feedback xx

      • As salaamu alaykum,

        I can not find the File Share widget on your menu bar, if you would be so kind as to email your templates to me, I would be most grateful.

        Jazaki’allahu Khayran for your assistance!


      • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Kimberly, apologies for my late reply. I am sending you the lapbook templates today insha’Allah, hope you find them useful.

      • As salaamu alaikum sis inshallah con you email me the templates?
        This lapbook is nice mashallah

      • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullah Leah,

        You should be able to download them direct from the blog post. I apologise for the late reply.

      • Salam, do you still have the template? Is it possible to email me? The website seems to be unavailable now 😦 Syukran jazilan! 🙂

      • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Yes, it’s still available. I will send it to you today insha’Allah.

  3. MashaAllah!excellent..just what im looking for.Allah reward you abundantly….

    • Asalamu alaykum Umm Humairaa,

      Alhamdulillah! I’m glad it’s helpful to you. Have fun making your lapbook and look out for our Madani Period lapbook coming after Ramadhan insha’Allah xx

      • asalamu alaikum

        do you have the madina period lapbook resourceses?

        jazak allah

      • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu brother,

        No, sorry not yet. We plan to cover the Madinah period at the end of this year insha’Allah but you can keep following in the meantime for other lapbook ideas.

  4. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah..

    thank you so much for sharing this lapbook. My son is currently studying about our Prophet early years in Makkah. This is a great way to make him reinforce what he had learn ..thank you..

  5. salam alaiki sis i didn’t want to say this in public but on the 1st year its got the translation as “there is no god but Allah Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” it should read “none has the right to be worshiped except Allah Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.
    Sorry to go on but this our foundation.Barakalafiki

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sis,

      Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your input. Unfortunately because this was a template I printed out from another source I was unable to edit it. But my son has a sound understanding of the Shahadatain, alhamdulillah, and if we teach our children correctly then the translation becomes irrelevant insha’Allah.

      Wa feeki barakah ya ukhti

  6. Masha Allaah so nice and informative. Love it. Will be using as my daughter grows Insha Allaah!

    Jazzakillaah Khayr for sharing Ukhtee!

  7. this lapbook is very interesting thanks for shring with us jazzakiallaha khayr

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I find it very helpful to teach a group of 6 yrs old.. They look forward to doing some of those suitable for their age and are proud to bring home their masterpiece to share with the family. May Allah reward you in this world and the next.

  9. MAsha Allah tabarakallah,this is excellent!
    Jazakallah kheir for sharing

  10. MashaAllah. Very nicely done. Lots of great details that will “stick” with the kids, inshAllah. I want to ask you how long this takes you to complete. It seems like quite a job to cut, fill in, paste… How old are the kids doing it? How long do you spend each day on it? How long does it take to complete. It is those sort of details that I find I need most to pace myself… I have 5 little ones and I find it difficult to sit for long on one project. How do you do it? Jazakallah kheir for sharing your work and your experience. May we grow to be a strong ummah, and may we meet at Kauthar.
    umm safiya

  11. MashAllah. I like the details you put on the lapbook. InshAllah those are the things that the kids will find interesting and will help them connect to rasullulah. I would like to know how long it takes you to complete such a project. How old are the kids doing it? How often do you sit with them. It seems like a lot of work – cutting, pasting, filling in…. I would love your practical advice. I have 5 little ones, 12 yrs to 1yr, and I find it difficult to sit for very long. I would love to know how you do it. jazakallah kheir for sharing your work and experience. May Allah help us grow nearer to Him and increase our love for Rasullulah. May we meet at Kauthar.
    umm safiya

  12. Asalamualikumww;
    MashaAllah—Waooooo, soo much of hard work.
    keep up the good job.

  13. cool things Masha-Allah

  14. Dear Sister,

    Assalaamu ‘alaikkum
    I am unable to download the templates for this lapbook here. Can you kindly email them to me at gardenrose.gulshan@gmail.com please?
    Thank you very much and your lapbook is excellent, mashaallah.

    • Walaykum salam sister, yes of course I can email them to you. It appears that Box net is down for maintenance at the moment.

      Jazak’Allah khair for your kind comments.

    • Walaykum salam my sister Gulshan,

      Insha’Allah you should be able to download the templates now. the site was temporarily down for maintenance but it’s back up and running now. if you still have problems downloading come back to me insha’Allah. Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your kind comments.

  15. subhanallah. Allah has created such people among us who can portray and share such beauty. I love it. Cant wait to make these inshallah. Masahallah, briliant stuff lucky yusef! Oooo

  16. Bismillah
    Assalaamu alaikum
    Ma sha Allah thank you so much for sharing your ideas, Your site is a wonderful resource, ma sha Allah. Could I also please get a copy of your templates emailed to me at yantaru@gmail.com

    • Bismillah. Assalammulaikum.
      Alham dulillah, Masha Allah, It ‘s a great lapbook. You can show the elaberated detail’s our prophet ‘s history. I am interested in it. Could you kindly email your templet to me at n-da_e@hotmail.com
      I wanna get it to teach my students at school.

      Big thanks.

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

      Jazak’Allah khair for your kind comments. You can find the templates available to download from my file share widge on the right of the screen as you scroll down the menu. If you’re still having trouble finding what you need, come back to me and I’ll email it to you ASAP insha’Allah.

  17. Assalamulaikum, I am from Malaysia and stumbled upon your blog while searching for info on our prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W) life. My daughter is not doing very well in her Islamic studies in school. I am not too sure what is the problem, whether the teaching method is boring or she is not listening in class. The lap book idea would be good for her I think… and help in a subject she finds boring. She is creative and love doing art and craft. Could you please email me the templates?

    Appreciate it 🙂

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister Aishah. All kids learn differently so don’t worry too much insha’Allah, just take a bit of time to find which teaching method best suits her … sometimes it helps to ask the kids to tell you what they want to learn and how they want to learn. make them feel like they are taking a lead in their studies, it helps them develop confidence and independance.

      I will email you the templates today, apologies for my late reply.

  18. Assaalamualaikum sis, MASHA ALLAH 100x!!!!! please I’d apreciate if you can share the templates for us, we are homeschoolers and learning about seerah of Rasulullah SAW. My email ya4wl@yahoo.com JazakiAllah khayrun.

  19. Salaam, please send me the template to kinalulu121@verizon.net. JzkAllah khayr.

  20. Aswrwb, Masha-Allah!!! Such a splendid work. Please sister could you email the templates to me too. May Allah reward you for your good work. Keep it up!
    Alhamdulillah I’m mum of 2 children (9 and 5 yrs) ,We also used your templates to make skeleton, teeth, my body, wudhu and Salaah Lapbook . Alhamdulillah everybody liked them a lot.
    We are looking forward to make ancient Egypt, solar system and see rah Makkah era Insha-Allah. May Allah reward you and your children in abundance for all of your great work Masha-Allah!

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister Rafia,

      Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your kind comments. Yes insha’Allah, I will send you the templates today. Hope you have fun making your lapbooks. Barak’Allahu feekum

  21. As salamu alaikum,
    I am from india and searching on life of Prophet (PBUH) and i found it on ur blog.Masha Allah very nice and creative. I too love to have this for my kids.Pls can u send me the templates.May Allah accept ur work.
    Jazak alllahu khairan.

    my email address is : digerlion@yahoo.com

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakau Sister,

      I emailed you the templates a few days ago … did you receive them?

      • As salamu alaykum,

        How r u. yes! i do received the templates.Jazak Allahu khairan. I want to tell u that, i made the lapbook and it comes out really wonderful.Once again JZK.
        Waiting for the next Madinan peroid lapbook.
        May Allah reward u Jannatul Firdous.

  22. As salamu alaikum,
    I am from kolkata,india and searching on life of Prophet (PBUH) and i found it on ur blog.Masha Allah very nice and creative. I too love to have this for my kids.Pls can u send me the templates.May Allah accept ur work. best regards for you and your family.
    Jazak alllahu khairan.

    my email address is : sohail_apatel@yahoo.co.in

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sohail. Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your kind comments. You can download the worksheets via the link in the blog post. Hover over the word ‘HERE’ and you will see the link appear insha’Allah. Barak’Allahu feekum.

  23. Salam, MasyaAllah this is so amazing! its very good for kids and parents too. Im Umm Ammar from Malaysia and very interested in such thing. I just want to know, how long does it takes to finish the worksheet? i meant what is the best way for me o make it fun and happy? do we need to tell the story to our kids before asking them to prepare this worksheets?

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Umm Ammar.

      This whole lapbook took just over a week to complete. We read little by little from the story book and time line chart and completed the relevant lapbook templates as we reached them in the story. If you are making this with young children I suggest reading and talking about the story first and then read it again slowly and use the lapbook templates so that your children can demonstrate what they understand from the story.

  24. Mashallah Jazaki Allaho Khairan its realy great and wonderful work and thank you for sharing your experience i loved it

  25. i really enjoy , jazakoum Allah kol kher .
    every celebration i search for some crafts and i fine your blog .good job lady go on .

  26. Very well written and very informative .


  27. salaams can you please email me a template of the lapbook thank you

  28. ASA Dear Sister,
    Thank you for supplying us with all your wonderful ideas. May Allah(SWT) reward you and your family. I was wondering if you had the Madinah Period completed and available, pictures and templates. If not when you think they will be available.
    Jazak Allah Khair for all that you do.
    Umm Husayn

  29. love this sister jazakAllahu kheran for sharing. How do you find the time?

  30. Assalamualaikum!

    MashaAllah BRILLIANT lapbook. I was just about to make our own when I luckily came across this one..JAZAKILLAH for sharing!! Any progress with the Madina period? Maybe we can share the workload and preparation..? Please email me at shmam@hotmail.com. If I start it, will inshaAllah email you the progress.

  31. Asslamou alaikom wa RahmatUllah, ukhtee:

    I love crafts and activities and i see by all your pics and documentation that i am woefully behind with my kids, lol. However, it IS motivating, al hamdulilah! We are in the middle of Ramadan, let’s stay strong and make the most of this blessed month, for ourselves and our kids, too!

    Instead of covering History and the Prophet’s in order, I decided to cover the Seerah with my kids this month, inshAllah. You have a lot of great ideas and resources and i love pictures and explanations.
    Might i share a neat resource I found a while back: http://prophetictimeline.com/home/index2.php

    an interactive timeline of the Prophet salla lahu alahi wa salam. I have not gone through the whole site to see how authentic it is, but al hamdulilah those of us know to be careful with unfamiliar books, sites and articles 🙂

    JazakAllah for your efforts here, and may Allah give you righteous children who will pray for you.
    Umm Sakina

  32. salaam please send me template thanks

  33. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    جزاكم الله خيرا عن أولاد المسلمين والمؤمنين وجعله فى ميزان حساناتكم

  34. Assalamualikum Dear,
    Excellent work I must say but I am not able to download the template, will you be kind enough o email it to mrs.sam.ali@gmail.com
    Jazakillah khair

  35. Asalamu alekum,, mashallah a great job you did,, and shared with us;))) can you please send me the template;))) jazak allah khairan

  36. Assalmau alaykum ukhti,

    Allaahumma baarik fiki , your blog is wonderful. I just wanted to mention I read along time ago that the story of when RasoolAllaah صلى الله عليه وسلم was in the cave with Abu Bakr رضي الله عن that the spider bit is not authentic.

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu my dear sister,

      Jazaki’Allahu khayran for the reminder. May Allah bless you. I have looked into this since and have come to learn of the inauthenticity of this story. I have made a note of reference in my article to make it clear to others and I am updating my file accordingly.

      Barak’Allahu feeki

  37. Assalaamu’alaaikum,

    Maasya Allah, this what I looking for. I made the simple one with my daughter, along the age, she grow and gain her ability to write and to retell the sheerah of RasoolAllaah صلى الله عليه وسلم. Perfect time to remind again of his step by doing this lapbook on this month of his birthday, Insya Allah.
    May Allah reward your deed for sharing to us. Couldn’t see the template, would you like to send it to me please?

    Jazakillah khoir.

  38. Thanks for sharing. Its a really great way to provide Islamic teachings to children and to those who are new to Islam. It is really a great effort. Thanks

  39. aslaam aleikom sister

    I am sister from sweden with four children. I would like to do this with them but since they don´t speak english that good I wonder if you could mail me the original document so I can change the words into swedish.
    That would be a lot easier than doing it from scratch..

    May Allah reward you sister. amen

    • Walaykum salam wa ahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      I have sent you the file via email today. May Allah reward you for teaching your children about His Messenger, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam.

  40. Mabrook for creating this and Shukran for sharing it… we will definitely be using it!

  41. Alhamdulillah, Allah may bless you for this great afford you made with your children. It will help for others children inshaAllah

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