Addition Lapbook

When I first started teaching my kids maths, I made a series of arithmatic lapbooks covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My daughter Samira made the addition and subtraction ones while my son, Yusef made the multiplication and division ones.
You can download this addition lapbook from Homeschool Share.

This one is the addition one, and it’s great for looking back and reviewing and also for introducing arithmatic to the younger kids. Learning the number bonds helps children quickly master addition and subtraction.

Here is what the lapbook looks like when the pages open. I made this book by folding a sheet of A3 card in half and taping another A4 sheet in the centre.

Turn the centre page over …

And on the reverse of the lapbook, I pasted an addition square and a pocket holding card dominoes to play ‘Domino Addition’ where the student has to add together the sum of the two sides.

I found the templates for this lapbook here, on the Homeschool Share website and I’ve also made them available to download HERE.

Here are some more photos close up.

Most of the addition fact families are set out in neat little flap books but this one below for the six family is on a sliding scale where the student has to slide the pointer up (or down), reading aloud and answering the sums as they go.

4 comments on “Addition Lapbook

  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Perfect timing, ma sha Allah. My six year old is working on his facts and our session today was rather dry. I really need something that he can work on independently so this looks great! Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! Masha Allah this is so nice. I would not have thought of a lapbook for addition 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this…!

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