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Amina’s Bits & Bobs: Kite

My 4 year old Amina has been having loads of fun at nursery and I’ve decided to keep a photo diary of all her ‘bits & bobs’ that she makes. She is very into sticking and making things. Every day she comes home with something different that she’s made. Today she came home with this beautifully decorated kite, masha’Allah.

Very easy to make, simply cute out a diamond (kite) shape, glue and decorate with whatever comes to hand: glitter, sparkly bits or even just pens and crayons. Then attach some string to the end and there you have it. If you have time, you could always add shiny sweet papers or couloured tissue paper to make ribbons for the tail. Finally, attach some blutac to the back and hang it on the wall.

Lovely, masha’Allah!


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