Ancient Egypt Lapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s lapbook. We enjoyed working on this topic for a good couple of months and we are still putting the finishing touches to a few pieces of work. 

This topic is so vast that I decided it would be a good idea to make a lapbook that covered Ancient Egypt in general and then make smaller lapbooks on the many different aspects of Ancient Egyptian life. So as we went along we slowly added to this large lapbook as we complete the smaller units.

Below are some photos showing how the lapbook opens out and what it contains.

The centre page folds down to reveal more attachments in the centre of the book.

Many of these templates came from a unit study I found on the Homeschool Share Website, and others I found through various search engines. You can download all of the lapbook templates, worksheets and activities in one folder HERE

We used a huge number of resources during this topic and I will list our recommendations at the end of this post.

First up is a vocabulary flap book.

The word is on the front of the flap and the definition is written inside.

Then an accordion book listing the many different games played by the Ancient Egyptian children.

Next is a stacked flap book showing a few of the major gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

On each page Yusef wrote a few facts about how and why the god/goddess was revered and how they are related to the other gods and goddesses.

This is a fan book about Ancient Egyptian furniture.

We had fun looking at hieroglyphics and trying to read them. Yusef even wrote his name in hieroglyphs.

Next up is a flap all about the Sphinx.

Before we even started this subject we first had to learn where Egypt is, hence this little shutter book with map.

We all had a laugh trying to solve this funny little riddle.

Can you work it out ……….. ??

That’s right, it’s …..

This is a folded flap book all about houses in Ancient Egyptian times. Yusef included information about the houses of both the poor people and the rich people.

Next is a fact flap all about the life blood of Egypt, the river Nile.

This is a fan book filled with facts about pyramids.

Next are a few tri-fold books, this one is about Science in Ancient Egypt.

Yusef wrote up on the different scientific areas studied and relied upon in Ancient Egyptian times.

Then a tri-fold book about Pharoahs.

Using several books, Yusef wrote in some facts about Pharoahs and then he drew the crowns for Upper and Lower Egypt.

This was an interesting fact book, all about the foods of Ancient Egypt.

Then there is a flap about entertainment in Ancient Egypt which largely revolved around music and dancing.

Here is another small match book on Pharoahs followed by another one on scarab beetles and their significance.

Next is a scroll shaped note book which explains step by step how papyrus was made.

Next is a flap about the different methods of transportation.

Then we have a pin wheel looking at some of the many jobs carried out by the people of Ancient Egypt.

Here is another fan book which goes into more detail about some of the toys and games played in Ancient Egypt.

Next is a flap all about canopic jars.

Inside, Yusef stuck down pictures of the 4 most well known forms of canopic jars from the New Kingdom.

Inside this flap Yusef wrote about some of the many objects found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt.

Next is a mini book on Shabtis. These little models of servants later replaced the (sometimes) live burial of the servants of the deceased pharoahs!

Next is a book all about amulets. Yusef drew some examples of amulets worn by children and pharoahs.

Next is a match book about the Book of the Dead.

Here is an accordion book explaining step by step how a mummy is made.

This is a collection of flap books all about the funeral preparations and procession for the pharoahs.

Under this flap Yusef wrote about how, when the body arrives at the tomb, the priests perform the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ceremony.

Next is a flap book which explains how Ancient Egyptians believed their body’s possessed two spiritual components known as ‘Ka’ and ‘Ba’

Finally, on the reverse of the lapbook is a stacked flap book with information from our case study on Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb. There is also a pocket containing a pyramid jigsaw puzzle, just for fun.

As I mentioned earler, we used a huge number of different resources for this project, including books, dvds and websites.

One of the best websites we used was this Ancient Egypt Website which lists hundreds of useful links to all sorts of facts, photos, videos and pieces of information.

We also got a huge amount of information from books including:

We also watched a lot of the documentaries on the Discovery channels, as well as some clips from Youtube. I also brought several DVD boxsets including:


3 comments on “Ancient Egypt Lapbook

  1. Thank you for sharing! very helpful!

  2. This was awesome. I found another site but really with no instructions. This is very clear. My kids and I will work on this this weekend. Thanks again.

  3. I love this! You are so talented! I teach 6th grade and this is perfect for kids!

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