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World Food Week

My 3 year old daughter Amina just started pre-school a couple of weeks ago and this week they have been learning all about the foods of the world. The kids have helped in preparing, serving and tasting the different food.

Then they made little art and craft things focusing on different foods.

On Monday, she made Fish and Chips.

She glued down little strips of yellow paper for the chips.

On Tuesday she made chopsticks.

This was made using 2 firm drinking straws, each tightly rolled up in a sheet of paper and then taped together.

On Wednesday she made Tacos.

This was made using a circle of light brown thin card folded in half to make the taco shape. And for the filling she used brown tissue paper for the meat and green tissue paper for the salad.

Today, Thursday, she made what appears to be an Italian salad or pizza, although she couldn’t remember what it was LOL!

Some brown paper glued to the plate and then topped with green and red tissue paper … I’m sure it’s delicious, masha’Allah!

And because she’s had so much fun this past week, this afternoon we decided to make something ready for Show & Tell tomorrow ~ our very favourite, Cous-cous.

Even my 2 year old Basma got involved and made her own. First we used some golden crepe paper to represent the cous-cous, and the girls dotted all over the crepe paper with a red felt pen to represent the tomato based sauce that we put on our cous-cous.

Then we used green felt and green tissue paper to make the slices of courgette, yellow and brown pom-poms to make the potatoes, orange felt to make the carrots and brown felt to make the meat that accompanies the cous-cous.

What a yummy-scrummy week, masha’Allah!


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