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Raising Frogs – Week 5

Well, here we are at week 5, and we have our first froglets, masha’Allah. Many of the tadpoles started developing their back legs as early as 2 weeks ago, but for some reason many of them have died.

There are a few tadpoles who still haven’t grown any legs yet, so I thought it would be best if we separated the ones with backlegs and put them into a container with shallow water because they develop lungs and start breathing from the air around the same time that they start growing legs.

After separating them the tadpoles began to develop very quickly and their front legs appeared almost overnight! We now had our first froglets.

Sadly we also seem to have lost a few of the developing tadpoles in the tank with the froglets. It’s not clear but it seems the froglets have become cannibalistic and started feasting on the remaining developing tadpoles as well as eachother!

I’ve been out in the garden with the girls this afternoon to catch a range of insects for our one remaining  froglet, who we have put on his/her own into a large plastic container. He/she is just over 1cm in length.

 In the last 2-3 days his tail has shrunk right down to nothing more than a stump and he/she is leaping and bouncing around all over the place.

Insha’Allah we will be taking him home to Nanny and Grandad’s pond tomorrow, while we wait for the remaining few tadpoles to develop.

My daughter Samira has finished her Frog Lapbook, check it out insha’Allah, with links to lapbook templates and resources included.


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