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World Food Week

My 3 year old daughter Amina just started pre-school a couple of weeks ago and this week they have been learning all about the foods of the world. The kids have helped in preparing, serving and tasting the different food. Then they made little art and craft things focusing on different foods. On Monday, she […]

Frog Lapbook

As part of our Raising Frogs Project, my daughter put together this lovely lapbook all about frogs. You can download lapbook templates HERE In addition to the unit study we also watched a DVD all about frogs as well as various documentary videos and clips  from Youtube. For other frog related activities, you can also view and download […]

Raising Frogs – Week 5

Well, here we are at week 5, and we have our first froglets, masha’Allah. Many of the tadpoles started developing their back legs as early as 2 weeks ago, but for some reason many of them have died. There are a few tadpoles who still haven’t grown any legs yet, so I thought it would […]