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Raising Frogs – Week 1

I mentioned recently how we had done a Raising Frogs Project back in Spring 2009 but that, unfortunately we had lost most of our pictures and video clips from our week by week diaries.

I decided we would do this project again, especially since Amina and Basma are that little bit older and understand more, masha’Allah.

A little later than planned, we collected our tadpoles from nanny and grandad’s pond today. It turns out that there were three huge clumps of spawn on the pond this year so the pond is filled to the brim with little wriggly tadpoles.

When we last did this project we took home a small clump of spawn as well as a few loose tadpoles, but since we have had such lovely warm, sunny weather the past few days, the tadpoles have eaten their way out of the spawn already, and at only 10 days old they are at least twice the size that they were in our first project!

Grandad collected up some tadpoles for us – about 40 altogether. I decided it would be best not to add gravel to the tank this time because last time it made it extremely difficult to clean the tank, trying to separate the tiny tadpoles from the tiny gravel! Instead I added in just 6 large rocks from the garden and as the tadpoles begin to develop legs and lungs, I will reduce the water level and they will serve nicely as little resting places above the water level.

Last time we fed our tadpoles on goldfish flakes and they grew very quickly, much quicker than they would have done in the wild and we are doing the same this time.

Samira is currently completing a larger lapbook project on Frogs, which you can view here and we shall be keeping a week by week project diary as well as completing worksheets and activities, so be sure to follow along with us insha’Allah.


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