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Chocolate Nest Cakes

Spring is well and truly in the air and I thought it would be fun to make some little cakes with a Spring Theme.

It’s a very simply, fun recipe that the kids can get stuck into: Chocolate Nest Cakes.

First I got my 2 year old, Basma, and 3 year old Amina to put the cake cases onto the tray.

My eldest daughter, Samira broke up the milk chocolate into a heat-proof bowl and then I melted it over a pan of boiling water.

 Yusef poured the Choco Snaps (chocolate coated puffed rice cereal) into a large mixing bowl. I poured in the melted chocolate and they all took turns to mix it up and coat the cereal.

Then they each took turns to spoon the mixture into the paper cake cases.

They filled each case and made a small dip in the middle of each mixture for the ‘eggs’. I brought a packet of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs for them to decorate their cakes and make them look like nests.

They patiently took turns to decorate their nests.

Later in the afternoon, after tidying up the garden, we enjoyed the Spring sunshine and ate our cakes.



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