Telling Time Lapbook

Over the past few years I have searched for suitable activities for teaching children how to Tell Time, but it wasn’t until recently that I came across exactly what I had been looking for. I first found an example of this lapbook on the Ummi Homeschools Me!! blog and after contacting the sister (Umm Raiyaan), she very kindly offered to share the templates to make this lapbook, may Allah reward her abundantly, ameen.

If you’d like to make this lapbook you can download the templates HERE.

When the folder is opened out this is how the elements are laid out:

In the centre of the lapbook is a large pink clock with movable hands, held in place with a brass fastener. In the end I made my own clock hands because the ones in the template are rather thin and after a few turns they tend to bend and tear, so I replaced them with thicker, stronger ones.

My daughter Samira put this lapbook together. She cut out the numbers 1-12 and glued them down to make the clock face.

On the left side of the lapbook are 4 flaps, and under the flaps are clock faces with space to write the time in digital format and to circle whether it’s AM or PM.

Breakfast at 7 AM and Lunch at 12 PM.

Below the clock are 2 pockets containg cards with digital watches showing different times.

The green cards are hour cards in digital format.

The idea is to select a digital card showing the hour and to place the hands correctly on the analogue clock to match them up, as below:

The blue set of digital cards show the time in 5 minute intervals.

And again, the idea is to match up the correct time on the analogue clock.

On the right side of the lapbook is a collection of cards which teach counting in intervals of 5 minutes.

My daughter counted in 5 around the clock face drawing in the minute hand at the appropriate places i.e. at 20 minutes past the minute hand points at the number 4 on the clock face.

Then we learned all about 15 minute intervals and quarter past, half past and quarter to in this neat little layered flap book.

Samira coloured in the correct number of triangles and drew in the minute hand to indicate the quarter time periods.

Finally on the back of the lapbook we pasted an envelope for Samira to store her Telling Time Worksheets.

I printed off some worksheets for her to complete to test her understanding of both analogue and digital clocks. The set of 9 worksheets are available to download in the link mentioned above.

The worksheets test knowledge of time on the hour, half past the hour and 5 minute intervals and 1 minute intervals in both analogue and digital format. There are also worksheets for children to write the time in words as well as a blank set for you to create your own.

For another way of teaching both analogue and digital time why not check out our Salaat Clocks Interactive Poster.


58 comments on “Telling Time Lapbook

  1. Assalam u alaikum sister ,
    Wonderful lap books indeed.
    Please send me the templates too at nefian84@gmail.com

    JazaAllah khair in advance
    Umm subhana

    • walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      I have tried to send you the templates you asked for but your email address is not working and I keep getting a failed delivery message. Do you have an alternative address?

  2. Assalamu’laikum warahmatullah..

    Thank you sis for sharing..My son is at the moment so eager to learn about time..Alhamdulillah..I know he’ll have a good time doing this lapbook..thank you again, dear sis..

  3. As salaamu alaykum, I love this! Can I get templates too. its my login name (in the commment) at gmail.com

  4. Would you be willing to share this with me as well?

  5. Dear sister

    Those look absolutely wonderful.My daughter is a little confused still with some of those aspects adn I think that tis will be a great activity for her. Can you please email the templates to me.


  6. Hi… Love your lapbook. Would I be able to get the templates?? Thanks so much

  7. asalamualaykum sis

    can you email me the templates please?

    jazakallaah khairn

  8. Can I please have the templates? Holtkri@dalhart.k12.tx.us
    Thank you so much for sharing this lapbook!

  9. I was wondering if I could have the templates for this lap book.. I love it!

  10. I am a second grade teacher and I found your site. I was looking for a foldable or lapbook to use in small groups. Would you mind emailing me a copy of the templates? Thanks so much!

  11. Hello,
    My daughter is working on this subject and is having a difficult time grasping the concept. Would you consider sharing the templates with me so that I may try this as an alternative to help her? We would both be very appreciative. If you would, my email address is MejiaFamily5_2007@yahoo.com
    Thank you for your consideration,

  12. Hi, Could you please send me the “Telling Time” lapbook templates? Thanks! kksco@yahoo.com

  13. Looks GREAT! I just finished HS our youngest, now helping one of the older DD HS. This would be a great summer activity. Would love to have those templates.

  14. would love to have all the templates you used in telling time lap book you use to make this my autistic son having a hard time with time this looks like a wonderful help ty email is harrells@mchsi.com

  15. Hi Kendra, Carmen and Samantha,

    Just a quick note to let you know that I have emailed a copy of the templates to each of you as requested. I hope you find them useful.

  16. I would also love to have your templates. We will begin time this week. Thank you

  17. Love your Telling Time Lapbook. Would love to have the templates to make my daughter one. Thank you

  18. I would appreciate it if I could have a copy of the templates as well. Thank you.

  19. Hi! Love this! Can you send us the templates? tldollinger@gmail.com

  20. Hi,

    I really like you lapbook! Is it possible that you send me the templates too?

    Thank you!

  21. Hello,

    I really like you lapbook! Is it possible that you send me the templates too? goodgroundinc@aol.com

    Thank you!

  22. Hello! Your information(that I have onlt had a chance to scan) seems well thought out and wonderful! Thank you for your time and effort. I know that you wrote that the templates for this time lapbook are now available on your widget to the right, but I don’t know what that means or how to get them.

    Do you mind clearing this up? Thank you so much for your kindness.


  23. I love this lapbook!! It will be perfect for my 7 year old. Please send me the templates to rebecca.c.bradley@gmail.com

  24. This lapbook is wonderful! Just what I am looking for. Please send me the templates 🙂 laurendrennan@yahoo.com

  25. This is fantastic could you send me the templates too My address is zafersmommy@hotmail.com

  26. Thank you very much for sharing this lapbook! I could only bring up the worksheets for the telling time lapbook. But I am probably doing it wrong, could you send me the templates for it please? Thank you very much! pritygreeneyes@yahoo.com

  27. Thank you again for this lapbook! I figured it out 🙂

  28. This is such a great idea. I would love to do this with my students. Can you please send me the templates? My e-mail is gstajdl@ias-sabis.net. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.


  29. trying to download template from multiple devices but no luck. Can you send to my email? thanks vivianhough@verizon.net

  30. I would love to have the templates for my kindergartener!! ambergolyer@gmail.com


  31. […] etc keep and the way the planet turns on its axis and day turns to night. We’ve been using this lapbook for telling the time as well as various other free worksheets found around the […]

  32. Could you please send me the template in an email? I tried clicking on the link but it asked me to purchase something

  33. Assalamualaikum ukhti,

    What a wonderful resource. Allahumma Barik Lahum. I would like the templates for the lapbook also jzk.

  34. Hello! I LOVE your telling time lapbook! I am currently a homeschooling mom and this would be absolutely perfect! Could you please send me the template for this to littlebits817@gmail.com thank you so much!

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