First Phonics File Folder Game

I made this First Phonics game for my youngest two daughters Amina (3 years) and Basma (2 years). They are both very keen to learn alongside their older siblings and quite often come to me demanding to “do school stuff”.

Amina has been working through the alphabet and is working on letter recognition and first phonics. Basma is quite bright, masha’Allah tabarak’Allah and I think she would easily benefit from joining in with her older sister to start learning letters and sounds. She loved the Numbers and Counting File Folder game I made for them and quickly mastered counting and number recognition.

The idea of this game is to put the correct cards into the corresponding letter pocket.

You can download the files to make this folder HERE.

When the folder is opened out it reveals 26 small pockets. On the front of each pocket is a letter from the alphabet in both upper case and lower case.

Each of the pockets contains approximately 6 cards with pictures of objects that begin with the letter on the front of the pocket.

The less common letters such as X, Y and Z have fewer cards.

This is a close up of  the letter K pocket showing the upper and lower case on the front. I chose to use the MS Word Comic Sans font because they are the closest font in which most children are taught to handwrite. So I encourage my children to draw over the letters with their fingers to help them learn how that letter is formed.

There are a set of 6 cards for this pocket.

*Kangaroo  *King  *Kettle  *Kitten  *Kite  *Ka’bah

Being a Muslim family, I included a few cards with Islamic elements such as K for Ka’bah.

Here is another example of a set of cards from the letter M pocket:

*Moon  *Monkey  *Money  *Mouse  *Mushrooms  *Masjid (Mosque)

At present we are using this activity on a daily basis, so I’m strongly considering getting the cards laminated so they last longer insha’Allah.

We are having lots of fun learning our first phonics and we hope you will too insha’Allah.


4 comments on “First Phonics File Folder Game

  1. Assalam u alaikum

    Great work! MashAllah
    Can u plz tell me where is that box to download? I cannot find it here. Plz tell me the link of it.

    Umm subhana

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Umm Subhana,

      Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your comments.

      If you scroll down the screen on the right hand side you will see a menu with a list of links, as you scroll down you will find a white box with Yellow folders that you can scroll through and click on to download.

      If you still can’t find it leave me an email address and I will send it to you personally insha’Allah.

      Barak’Allahu feeki

  2. I cannot download anything off of the widget. I have a mac, does that make a dif? Can you please email me phonics folder game?

  3. assalu alaikum. . . Sister can u plz maile too names of allah colouring worksheets as i cudnot download any of the pages

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