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Raising Frogs – Week 1

I mentioned recently how we had done a Raising Frogs Project back in Spring 2009 but that, unfortunately we had lost most of our pictures and video clips from our week by week diaries. I decided we would do this project again, especially since Amina and Basma are that little bit older and understand more, masha’Allah. A […]

Telling Time Lapbook

Over the past few years I have searched for suitable activities for teaching children how to Tell Time, but it wasn’t until recently that I came across exactly what I had been looking for. I first found an example of this lapbook on the Ummi Homeschools Me!! blog and after contacting the sister (Umm Raiyaan), […]

First Phonics File Folder Game

I made this First Phonics game for my youngest two daughters Amina (3 years) and Basma (2 years). They are both very keen to learn alongside their older siblings and quite often come to me demanding to “do school stuff”. Amina has been working through the alphabet and is working on letter recognition and first phonics. Basma is […]