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Raising Frogs – Life Cycles

Back in the Spring of 2009, we started a mini project on Life Cycles, and I asked the kids to choose which life cycle they wanted to learn about. At the time Samira wanted to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, while Yusef wanted to learn about the life cycle of the frog.

So it was rather fortunate that grandad found some frog spawn on his pond just around the same time. He collected some of the spawn for us and we were able to keep the tadpoles in a fish tank and watch them develop.

At the time, the kids completed a few activities on frogs and their life cycle while I kept a week by week photo diary of our little tadpoles and froglets. Unfortunately, all the photos seemed to have completely vanished from my hard-drive except for a few from Week 5.

We had been hoping to repeat the activities and learn more while watching another lot of tadpoles develop into froglets. But in 2010 the frogs spawned rather late and the tadpoles failed to develop.

Then this morning, we got a call from grandad to say that he and nanny have spotted some frog spawn on their pond and so, insha’Allah, we hope to collect some next weekend and start over a whole new week by week project.

The kids are very excited and can’t wait to get started, but in the meantime, we are looking back at the few photos we still have. I will share them with you below.

Week 5 - Swimming froglet

Week 5 - Swimming froglet. Below the water are a few tadpoles who are still developing

We put this little guy into a white bowl to get a better look at him.

Close up

Not much bigger than a thumb nail, masha'Allah

Resting on a rock in the tank

A little froglet with his long tail

So small, but already showing the patterned skin of a frog, masha’Allah

More to come soon insha’Allah …

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