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Early Phonics Worksheets

I taught my eldest two children (and I’m starting now with my 3 year) to read by creating a series of worksheets and activities that helped them to learn the combination blends of sounds.

I have made all my worksheets available to download for free from my BOX.net file share which you will find as you scroll down on the right of the screen.

I made worksheets for the following blends:

sh, ch, th, ee, ea, oo, ai, ay, ou, ow, igh, qu, ph, kn, ng, ll, ck, oa

When introducing a new sound I would give my kids a ‘sound’ worksheet

This consists of 5 or 6 words containing the new sound. There is a picture of the object (some of which can be coloured in as an additional activity) and next to the picture is a box with the name of the object for the child to sound out and  re-write the word 3 times.

After becoming familiar with the words, I would have my kids complete a word search activity, where they would have to find all the words beginning with ‘ee’ for example. I made this activity, simply by drawing around a dinner plate onto some A3 coloured paper and writing out the words into the circle.

The kids circled the words as they found them and then when they had found them all I would have them read them back to me.

After this activity, we would move onto the ‘Read & Draw’ worksheets. On two pages are boxes with 6 words containing the new sound. They would have to read the word, re-write it underneath and then draw a picture to represent what the word said. To test them I would have them do this activity without any help, to check that they were reading the word correctly. You can tell by what they’ve drawn if they have read the word correctly.

To reinforce the new sounds I also created some other drawing activities.

After learning several new sounds, I would give my kids a ‘Missing sound’ worksheet. They used the picture to help them identify the missing sound.

For a couple of days we’d review and practise the sounds and spellings and finally I would give them a ‘Spellings’ worksheet based on combinations of sounds.

It is important for children to write the words as they learn them because this helps reinforce the sounds and the correct spelling and helps with quicker recognition of words in the future insha’Allah.

Below are more examples of worksheets:

Sound Worksheet

Sound Worksheets

Word Search Activity

Missing Sound Worksheet

Spellings Worksheet


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