Human Body Lapbook (Part 2)

This is my son, Yusef’s lapbook all about the Human Body. It’s actually still a working progress. It’s a big project and we are adding to the lapbook as we go along insha’Allah and I shall blog it in parts. We have been using many different books as well as electronic media resources. One website I highly recommend for this subject is called “How the Body Works” – Check it out for yourself!

We are now adding to the lapbook according to the topics covered in his science textbooks. That way he can complete his written work alongside his lapbook work which helps ensure he understands fully how the various systems of the human body work.

Previously, when we first began this lapbook, we looked at the external body parts and learned about the major organs and systems in general, before looking in depth at the BRAIN, the NERVES and the MUSCLES. You can see the first part of the lapbook by visiting Human Body Lapbook (Part 1) 

Recently we have covered TEETH and BONES & JOINTS. I have made all the mini books and templates for this lapbook myself (except where stated) and they are all available to download for free HERE.

This is a page from the lapbook all about teeth.

This is a flap which explains about the 4 different types of teeth in humans. During his textbook work, Yusef learned about the functions of the different kinds of teeth. He also learned a little about animal teeth and how their different types of teeth determine what kinds of food they eat.

When the flap is lifted up it shows a diagram of an open mouth which has been coloured and labelled to show where the 4 different types of teeth are situated in the mouth.

In the centre of the page is a flap with a diagram showing the parts of the tooth labelled by Yusef. I printed this diagram from the website I mentioned at the beginning. They have a pre-labelled version and one that children can label themselves.

In his text book work, he went into further detail, learning about the functions of each part, as well as how cavities are formed.

On the reverse of the flap is a wordsearch related to teeth which I printed off from the website.

Under the flap is a pocket which holds his quiz results and a Fascinating Facts flap.

After completeing the topic on teeth, the kids can take part in a quiz on the website and then print their results, which we folded up and put into this pocket.

At the bottom of the page is an accordion book which I downloaded from Homeschool Share. It shows the steps to brushing and cleaning teeth.

Next up is the page from the lapbook all about bones and joints.

On the front of the hinge flap is a large diagram of the skeleton labelling all the major bones of the body, and Yusef highlighted the different types of joints.

When the flap is turned over, on the reverse is a diagram of a skeleton which Yusef has labelled. I printed off the diagram from the website that I mentioned at the top of this page.

Under that flap is a smaller flap containing information about the rib cage.

When the hinge flap is turned over, on the reverse is some information about the bone marrow and how it produces the different types of blood cells. Yusef drew pictures of the different types of blood cells and wrote a little bit about their different functions.

On the right side of the page is a smaller flap which contains an accordion book and a flap book.

The accordion book explains all about the funny ‘bone’.

Below the accordion book is another Fascinating Facts flap.

On the reverse of the smaller flap is a word search all about the skeletal system and a pocket to hold Yusef’s quiz results on the skeletal system which he completed on the interactive website.

When the flaps are open the centre of the page reveals a large flap all about the inside of the bones and a shutter book about joints.

I took this diagram from the website and Yusef cut it out and glued it down onto the front of the flap and then on the inside of the flap he wrote the details about the 4 main parts of the bone structure.

Later on in the day, we did a little experiment dissecting a lamb bone to have a look at the structure and learn about the different parts.

Although we talked about FIXED JOINTS, this shutter book only covers HINGE JOINTS and BALL & SOCKET JOINTS.

Next we plan to look in detail at the Respiratory and Circulatory systems (Heart and Lungs), so check back for updates soon insha’Allah.



13 comments on “Human Body Lapbook (Part 2)

  1. MashAllah GREAT MOMMY KIDDOS TEAM!!! This is a beautiful and brilliant job. I was wondering how do you get such wonderful print out? Plese share the link and print outs, jazakiAllah khayr.

    • Jazak’Allah khair for your kind comments. I make the templates myself. There are available to download for free from my file sharing widget. Scroll down the page and on the right of the screen you will see a white box called ‘flash widget’, inside are yellow file folders. Look up the one called Human Body Lapbook (Part 2) and you’ll be able to download all the print outs from there insha’Allah. If you have any problems please get back to me and I’ll email them to you personally.

  2. Dear sister, AA

    Your children make wonderful lapbooks and thank you for sharing. I did have a question for you. In your daughter’ Wudhu lapbook, the titles are in special fonts. DO you use stensils or is there a program that can do it.

    JAzak ALlah.

  3. as Salamu alaykum Sister,
    great great Lap Book masha’Allah. I found it since I was searching for Lap Books on Bones, specially the rib cage. Yours would be great to print out, I just couldn’t find the source for them.

    may Allah reward you for your time and effort insha’Allah.
    wassalamu alaykum,

  4. Do you have a download versions of the inside the bone worksheet? Thank you,

  5. As salaam alaikum,

    This is just what I am looking for. I can’t find the download either. Please help. Jazakillah khayran.

  6. assalam u alaikum
    mashaallah beautiful work . sister do u have a lapbook about super five senses
    (sight,hearing,smell,touch and taste).
    jazakallah u khairan for your sharing

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

      Jazak’Allah khair for your kind comment. No, unfortunately I don’t have a lapbook just on the senses alone, but it’s something I could design in the future inshaa’Allah.

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