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Raising Butterflies – Day 10

We’ve only had our caterpillars for 10 days and already they’ve doubled, tripled and quadrupled in size! Masha’Allah! When we first collected the caterpillars we were putting loose leaves from the comfrey plant into the tank for them to feed on, but they didn’t last much more than a day before wilting. So I decided instead […]

Raising Butterflies – Life Cycles

My daughter Samira recently completed her Butterfly Lapbook and was so keen to see the butterfly life cycle first hand. I promised that as soon as Spring comes we would try to collect some caterpillars for a project on Raising Butterflies. Every year we always find lots of caterpillars in our garden around March time, so […]

Raising Frogs – Life Cycles

Back in the Spring of 2009, we started a mini project on Life Cycles, and I asked the kids to choose which life cycle they wanted to learn about. At the time Samira wanted to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, while Yusef wanted to learn about the life cycle of the frog. […]

Pillars of Islam Scrapbook

My daughter, Samira has recently been working on this wonderful little scrapbook all about the Pillars of Islam. I came across a file at the Talibiddeen Jr. Blog which contains all the elements needed to make this scrapbook, masha’Allah. She completed a page on each of the 5 Pillars of Islam, which we cut out and pasted down onto black […]

Homeschooling our Children is an Act of Obedience to Allah

Shaikh Muhammad al-Jibaly was asked: If a woman wants to homeschool her children, to protect them from evil influences, can she do so against her husband’s wishes? Can you provide any articles about educating our children, especially in this secular liberal society? His response was: The danger in the non-Muslim schools is definite, and sending […]

Early Phonics Worksheets

I taught my eldest two children (and I’m starting now with my 3 year) to read by creating a series of worksheets and activities that helped them to learn the combination blends of sounds. I have made all my worksheets available to download for free from my file share which you will find as […]

Butterflies Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s lapbook all about butterflies. We were planning to save this for the Spring but she was so keen to get started that she got it finished in time to share with you all just as Spring time begins, masha’Allah. We were also planning to do a project on raising butterflies […]