Salaat (Islamic Prayer) Lapbook

It feels like forever since I last blogged, but I have finally found the time to share with you my son, Yusef’s Salaat lapbook.

Masha’Allah, at 7 years old, he knows how to pray now. We made this lapbook quite a few months ago as a sort of refresh to make sure he understands some of the important points that need to be understood for salaat to be valid and acceptable.

This is what the lapbook looks like when it is opened out:

Some of the mini-books and cards are courtesy of Umm Abdul Basir’s Salaat & Wudhu Section and some are courtesy of Talibiddeen Jr. Blog. May Allah reward both of the sisters immensly for taking the time to make and share these files and making life a bit easier for us busy home-school mums, ameen!

Some of the files I have created myself. I have uploaded all the files into one folder which you can find available to download HERE.

First up, is a wonderful Kabah-shaped minibook all about facing the qiblah (prayer direction). This minibook is courtesy of Talibiddeen Jr.

Each page has a question at the top and Yusef wrote his answers underneath, then we cut out the pages and stacked and stapled them.

Next up is a pocket all about learning the salaat times. I made a pocket and a set of 5 fold-out squares with information about the timing based on the hadith. I also printed the hadith onto a separate card for Yusef to read along as he learned how to put the picture cards in the correct places.

I created these 5 squares, one for each of the daily prayers. Each square has details explaining the time when each prayer should begin and end based on the position of the sun.

These are the 5 picture cards which show the position of the sun at different times of the day which indicate the different salaat times. These cards are from a worksheet created by Umm Abdul Basir.

The idea is to match the picture to the correct prayer time based on the definition written on the card.

I also included the complete hadith from Sahih Muslim.

I also made a flap based on the hadith from the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in which he stated that the one who is praying should prostrate on seven bones.

Inside the flap Yusef wrote down the parts of the body which make up the “seven bones”.

Yusef also coloured a set of cards which show the different positions for salaat. These cards are courtesy of Umm Abdul Basir.

This is a card close up and then on the reverse of the card is the Arabic name for the position.

Another hadith which came to mind while making this lapbook was the reminder from the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that one should not pray like “a pecking rooster”. So I created this flap for Yusef to write the hadith and explanation inside.

As with most of our Islamic lapbooks, I like to include as many ahadith (sayings of prophet Muhammad) and ayat (verses from the Quran) as possible. So I created my usual Quran shaped flap with our favourite verse on Salaat from Surah Taha 20:14.

Yusef wrote out the ayah inside the flap.

I also created this mini accordion book to show which of the daily prayers should be recited audibly and which should be recited quietly.

Also included is a lovely little colouring book showing Muslims making salaat courtesy of Umm Abdul Basir.

For each of the colouring pages I discussed with Yusef the different rulings and ettiquettes that are required from both men and women during salaat, including how women pray when they pray in women-only congregation, how everyone prays together in congregation, how the imam leads the salaat, etc.

I created some cards for Yusef to learn how to read the Arabic names for the 5 daily salaat. I made these cards by cutting up and pasting some of Umm Abdul Basir’s worksheets together.

The picture cards with Arabic transliteration and the smaller cards with the Arabic prayer names.

The idea is simply to match the salaat time picture card to its correct Arabic name like so:

Using the same worksheets I printed out these cards for Yusef to remember how many rakaat (units) for each prayer.

On each card is a picture of the time of day that each salaat is to be performed and Yusef wrote the name of the salaat on each card.

Finally, using another set of Umm Abdul Basir’s worksheets, we are able to make this shutter book all about the prayer position teaching both the Arabic and the Arabic transliteration.


16 comments on “Salaat (Islamic Prayer) Lapbook

  1. as salaamu alaykum
    masha’allah this is very nice. it makes me wanna be 7 again (lool).
    ~ umm h

  2. […] A sister has posted photos and instructions for a lapbook on salaat here: Salaat (Islamic Prayer) Lapbook. […]

  3. Assalamoalaikum, sister

    Allah reward you for posting.

    mashÁllah very inspiring. my son is only 18months and mashÁllah im looking forward to doing all of these things with him inshaÁllah.

    Allah praise and thanks is to Allah.

    Umm ABdullah

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your kind comments. Insha’Allah you find my blog useful and may you have many years of enjoyment as you watch your son learn and grow in the deen insha’Allah.

      Barak’Allahu feekum

  4. Asalam u alakim
    Great project! I am really impressed!!!!!

  5. ASA Iman,
    Thank you for sharing all that you do. It is greatly appreciated. I wanted to download the files for this lapbook but your box share widget is no longer on the side. Could you kindly repost it so I can download some files.

    Jazak Allah,

    • Walaykum salam Deanna,

      I’m slowly updating my file share links as the box file is no longer working. I can email you the files if you need them urgently. Or you can download them from Sister Umm Abdul Basir’s blog, since they are her files originally. The link for Umm Abdul Basir’s blog is on the page, you can just click through insha’Allah.

      • ASA,

        Thank you Iman. Whenever you have the time to do this, it would be fine. Are you planning on uploading all the files that were in the box share widget? Just curious because there were others I needed as well. I also wanted to ask you how you make your worksheets? Is there a program you use like photoshop? I was looking for a contact me link and I couldn’t find one. Is there anyway someone can contact you besides here?

        Jazak Allah for your time,

  6. MashAllah! I am so inspired by these. I am having trouble opening up the files that I have downloaded. Could it be because I have a Mac?

  7. Assalyamu aleykum, ohti tried to download and no success. Can you please help me really loved your lapbook.

  8. mashaAllaah Baarakallaahu feek

  9. asalaamu alaikum sis. How ong did it take you to cover the whole unit?

  10. salaam aleykoem sister,
    i’m from Belgium.
    and i love jour work Allahumma barik.
    My children can’t speak english so i can’t yuse your materials.
    But you are an inspiration for me to work on a workbook myself.
    May Allah reward you.

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