All About Me Lapbook

As part of our Family History Project, I thought it would be fun for the kids to make an ‘All About Me’ lapbook to record little facts and memories about themselves to look back on as part of their own history. These are Yusef’s and Samira’s lapbooks. I got the idea for this lapbook from the Home-school Share website and I have used a few of their templates but the rest I created myself. You can download all of the templates to make this lapbook HERE.

When the lapbook is opened out it shows a collection of mini-books.

This is the inside of Samira’s lapbook. We ran out of space for all the mini-books so we taped on the extra purple pages which has mini-books attached to both front and back.

First up is a long, thin flap book all about what the kids would like to buy if they had ‘x’ amount of money.

The front flap opens to reveal a series of smaller flaps with images of £1, £5, £10, £20, £50 and gold bullion (representing all the money in the world).

Samira decided that for £5 she would buy a book, and if she had all the money in the world she would buy Algeria (??). Kids come out with some weird and wonderful ideas, masha’Allah

Yusef on the other hand decided if he had £1, he would buy a box of Maltesers (chocolate sweets) and if he had all the money in the world he would buy the England, Germany, and Netherlands football teams (yes, my son is footy mad!)

Next is a pull out arrow listing things the kids would like to do when they grow up. These are always fun to look back up when you actually do grow up.

Samira decided on three things, including being a chef so that she can do all the cooking in the house …. get’s more and more like her mum every day, masha’Allah!

Yusef chose four things he would like to do when he grows up including wanting to visit Spain and Brazil, and wanting to be a footballer.

The kids also completed a mini flap book about things they like to do in their free time.

These are a few of Samira’s things that she likes to do in her spare time.

And these are some of the things that Yusef likes to do in his spare time.

Both made a flap to record their signature.

Then they both made some ‘Tickets to Fun’. I thought this was actually quite a clever idea. The templates are blank tickets for the kids to design on, creating a pass to whatever or wherever their imagination takes them. When they were finished, I hole-punched them and attached some string to tape the into the lapbooks.

Here are some of Samira’s tickets to fun: a ticket to Algeria and a ticket for horse-riding.

This is one of Yusef’s tickets: to go and see a football match between England and Algeria. I think he was living the 2010 FIFA World Cup at the time!

Next up is a tab book all about the town we live in.

Samira recorded the latest population figures for our town.

Yusef made this tab book too and he recorded where our town is on a map and the distance that our town is from the capital, London.

He also recorded some trivia facts about our town.

Next up we made this great little flap book all about our house. The front flap opens out to reveal smaller flaps inside with questions on the front and space for the kids to write their answers underneath.

Samira explains how she helps out around the house:

Next the kids each made a weekly schedule. Samira decided she would draw a list of the things that she does during a typical day.

Yusef wrote out a list of the things he would usually do on a Friday:

Both kids made a set of cards showing some of their favourite things and I created a little pocket for them to store their cards in.

Below are a few of Samira’s favourite things:

Below are a few of Yusef favourite things:

One of the templates is shaped like a mirror and when you lift the flap you find space inside to stick a photo, so I printed out two of the most up to date photos of the kids for them to glue down in their mirror flaps.

Another nice little mini-book is the ‘My Helping Hands’ book. The kids drew around their hands to make this mini-book. It’s a great little momento of their hand size too.

This is Yusef’s ‘My Helping Hand’s book in which he listed some of the little things he does to help out around the house.

This is from Samira’s mini book:

Both the kids completed this adorable heart shaped flap. Samira couldn’t make up her mind so in the end she included everybody, masha’Allah.

Both kids also made another layered flap book all about their favourite things. This time they were allowed to choose 6 things each of their own deciding.

Here are some of Samira’s favourite things.

I thought that was very cute, masha’Allah.

And here are a few of Yusef’s favourite things:

Then both kids wrote a list of their favourite books, but to be honest, we all agreed that the list template really was much too small, both Yusef and Samira wanted to list a lot more books, but they had to narrow it down to 4 each.

These are a list of Samira’s favourite books, followed by a list of Yusef’s favourite books:

Both kids also made a timeline which included the birth of siblings and favourite memories:

Finally both of them made a report describing themselves:

We also made a mini family photo album and a set of name and address cards for friends and relatives which I haven’t pictured here.

We all had great fun making these lapbooks and we are looking forward to looking back on them in the future, insha’Allah to see how the kids have changed.

Along with this lapbook we also made a Family History Folder containing our family tree, timelines and fact ages for each family member.

4 comments on “All About Me Lapbook

  1. Hi! I have really enjoyed looking at your lapbooks. I would like to do your lapbook All About Me, but I can’t find your templetes. Could you please explain to me where they are or forward me a copy through email.

    Thank you for all the great ideas!

    • Hi Janet, the templates are available from Homeschool Share … if you read back through the post you will find the link that clicks through directly to the templates link.

      • Thank you for responsing. I guess, I misunderstood your post, for I understood some of the templates were from Homeschool Share. I thought the Box Share contained the ones you created. Looking forward to doing this lapbook with my kids.
        Thanks again, for sharing your kids wonderful work with the rest of us.

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