Stories of the Prophets Activity Sheets

I spent a long time searching for reliable and suitable books to help teach my kids about the stories of the Prophets of Islam. One day a friend introduced me to a set of Learning Roots books that tell the stories of Prophets Adam, Nuh, Musa, Ibrahim and Isa (peace be upon them all). This set of books is aimed at children aged 5-6 years and there is also another set of books focusing on the same prophets in more detail for ages 6-7 years.

I love these books as well as many of the other products created by Learning Roots. In each book the story of the prophet is broken down into two or three sections focusing on particular points in the story. After reading through a section, the child reaches a set of activities that test the child’s understanding of what they have just read.

I guess the activities could have been completed within the books themselves but I didn’t want the pages spoilt for the younger children when they come to use them to study so instead I decided to reproduce the activities so that they can be printed as worksheets.

I have already covered Prophet Adam and Prophet Nuh with my kid’s last year. My daughter Samira made a lovely story poster based on the story of Prophet Nuh which you can view here – Prophet Nuh Story Poster. Then we covered Prophet Ibrahim just before Hajj this year and we have recently covered Prophet Musa (and Fir’own), which insha’Allah leads us nicely into our Ancient Egypt project.

I would like to share these worksheets with anyone who would like to use them insha’Allah. You can download them by clicking on the links below insha’Allah. So far I have prepared worksheets for:

~ The Story of Prophet Adam ~

~ The Story of Prophet Nuh ~

~ The Story of Prophet Ibrahim ~

~ The Story of Prophet Musa ~

~ The Story of Prophet Eesa ~

I would like to stress that the activities are copyright of Learning Roots, so please do not sell them. I have reproduced them solely for educational purposes to be used in conjunction with the Learning Roots activity books.

Below are examples of some of the worksheets completed by my children.

Prophet Adam ~ Activity 4

Prophet Adam ~ Activity 8

Prophet Nuh ~ Activity 2

Prophet Nuh ~ Activity 3

Prophet Nuh ~ Activity 7

Prophet Nuh ~ Activity 8

Prophet Ibrahim ~ Activity 2

Prophet Ibrahim ~ Activity 6

Prophet Ibrahim ~ Activity 7

Prophet Ibrahim ~ Activity 9

Prophet Musa ~ Activity 1

Prophet Musa ~ Activity 2

Prophet Musa ~ Activity 3

Prophet Musa ~ Activity 4

Prophet Musa ~ Activity 7

Prophet Musa ~ Activity 8


20 comments on “Stories of the Prophets Activity Sheets

  1. salam,
    Masha’Allah good work. Would it be possible to get a copy of the worksheets, masha’Allah they look very good. I’m currently putting a booklet together for the children at my local masjid and have exhausted my little brain for activity ideas. ANy assistance is greatly received.

    jazkallah Khayr

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Rozina,

      Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your kind comments. The worksheets I have made are available to download for free in the BOX widget where I share all my files.

      You’ll find it on the right of the screen as you scroll down. It has a white background with yellow file folders.

      Look in there for the Stories of the Prophets worksheets, click on the folder and download insha’Allah.

      • Assalam
        I find ur worksheets very interesting n would like to get one for my son but I have trouble finding the link could you copy paste me the link? Thankyou

  2. AA sister

    I printed out the Prophet Adam worksheet for my daughter. I am a little confused about how to do the sheet that has from A to I and each alphabet is linked with a sentence. Is that to be arranged in order or you are to find the words for that sentence. Also activity 6, can you explain how to do that. Jazak Allah for sharing.I dont know what I would do without some of your resources.

  3. Jazakallah Khair sister. The worksheets have been really helpful to me. I printed them out in color and I think the kids really benefitted. So professional mash’Allah!!


    • Salaams Amy,

      These worksheets are based on the Learning Roots bookset. They didn’t produce a book on Prophet Muhammad, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam, so I couldn’t make worksheets. But please look up our Prophet Muhammad Lapbook, all the templates are available to download.

  5. MashaAllah. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this blog. JazakiAllahu Khayr sister. Great resources for families and teachers. I have shared your site with others who will benefit as well, InshaAllah.

  6. Assalam o alekum and jazakallah for the effort.

  7. Which set would you recommend for older children for stories of the prophets?

    • This set is more for age 6-7 years, a basic introduction to the Prophets, peace be upon them. You could use my Stories of the Prophets Notebooking Pages and have the older children write their own information using a book like Ibn Kathir’s Stories of the Prophets.

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      That is because I have not yet designed the worksheets for that activity book. Inshaa’Allah I will make them available soon.

  8. as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatuAllaah please put them up on your facebook page as soon as you do in shaa Allaah

  9. salam

    i am a teacher and realy these sheets help alot to me .Jazakallah

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