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Family History Folder

My two older kids, Yusef and Samira are working through a wonderful History text and activity book called ‘The Story of the World – Ancient Times’ by Susan Bauer

The book starts off explaining about ‘What is History?’ and ‘What is archaeology?’ One of the activities encourages the child to think about what is history and how is history made and how do historians know what went on in the past, etc. The book goes on to explain how historians find out what went on in the past by examining old records and manuscripts; and through the discovery of artifacts by archaeologists.

The activity suggests taking a history of the family to created a recorded manuscript which can be used to understand the childhood of parents and grandparents and can also be used to look back on in  the future for the kids to recall something from their own history.

So I created a worksheet based on the sample given in the text book student pages which Yusef filled in on each of the family members. This is an example of the worksheet (for obvious reasons I am not going to include photos of the actual worksheets he completed because they contain personal details and photos)

Yusef completed several of these sheets for each family member including parents, grandparents and uncles then they were bound together and tied into the folder with string.

We also thought it would be fun to create some family trees. One for the English side of the family and one for the Algerian side of the family.

Above is the family tree for the English side of the family going back as far as the grandparents  My dad  has been researching the family tree for a number of years and has made significant progress so he was able to show the kids a much larger version of the family tree, masha’Allah.

The Algerian family tree, on the other hand is huge, masha’Allah, although it too only goes back to the grandparents.

To be sure the kids understood how the family trees worked I created a set of quiz questions for each family tree and the kids have to refer to the family tree in order to find the answers.


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