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Butterfly Life Cycle

Last Spring I got onto the subject of metamorphosis with my eldest two and after giving them some examples of the creatures that undergo this process I let them choose which animal they would each like to focus on.

Yusef decided he would like to learn about the frog (which was rather fortunate, because at the time grandad had just discovered spawn in his pond. So we were able to take some and watch the process right before our eyes, masha’Allah!). You can check out our Raising Frogs Project and a Frogs Lapbook made by Samira.

Samira chose the butterfly and after watching some videos on the internet about the Life Cycle of the Butterfly, she made this colourful poster. You can download the pages to make this poster by clicking on the links below:

This Spring we are hoping to watch the process up close. Every Spring we get lots of caterpillars in our garden, so we will try collecting some, feeding them in a tank and hopefully watch them develop into butterflies (or moths, depending on the caterpillar species). Samira is also going to make a Butterflies Lapbook, and we may even do the life cycle of the frog again so that the younger ones can join in – so lots planned for this coming Spring insha’Allah.


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