Horses Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s lapbook all about horses. She became fascinated with horses recently after she got a game called Horse Life for Eid. It’s one of the more educational games available for Nintendo DS. It teaches everything you need to know about horses including riding techniques and care and grooming. It teaches all the horse vocabulary too. It’s such a fascinating game that even me (her mum) and her nan enjoyed playing it LOL!

Anyway, because of  her enthusiasm on the subject I decided to have a look around on the internet and see what I could find to put together to make a horse lapbook with her and we both learned alot along the way! I’ve even managed to include a few Islamic elements, masha’Allah. I guess it goes to show there are positive sides to computer games. I created all the printable templates for this lapbook myself (except where I have mentioned below). If you would like the files to make this lapbook you can download them HERE.

When the front flaps of the lapbook are opened it reveals the first page of mini-books and tabs.

On the left flap is a mini-book and a tab and on the right flap is a t-book and a pocket. On the centre page is a tab book and a flap.

This is the front cover of a mini-book all about the names of horses. It shows how the names of the horses change as they reach different ages and levels of maturity.

Next is a tab all about what horses like to eat.

When the tab is pulled out it shows a list of the different foods with clipart images cut out and pasted down next to the word.

In the centre page is a tab book showing famous horse breeds. We chose 5 of the most well-known breeds.

First up is the Arabian which is Samira’s favourite horse.

Next up is a flap all about work horses, the front cover beautifully coloured by Samira.

Under the flap is some information all about how farmers used to use horses to pull the plough to turn the earth.

On the reverse of the other front flap is a t-book all about horse gaits – the speed at which horses move.

When the t-book is folded out it shows 4 gaits of the horse.

Below the t-book is a pocket holding the pieces of a horse jigsaw puzzle that we created.

Samira coloured an image of a mare and a foal and then I drew a jigsaw template over the top. We glued it down on the back of an empty cereal box to make it sturdy and cut it out to make the individual puzzle pieces.

On the back of the lapbook I drew the outline of the puzzle pieces.

When the centre page is folded down it reveals two further pages of mini-books.

On the reverse of the first centre page is a diagram coloured and labelled by Samira showing the parts of the horse.

I also thought it would be fun to include an optical illusion challenge. I found the optical illusion image of American Paint Horses online and glued it down for her to have a go at finding all the horses.

On the other centre page is a flap designed to look like stable doors.

Under the flaps are the face and leg markings commonly found on horses.

I found the images for these face and leg markings online. We glued them down and then taped the flaps over the top.

Next up is a mini-book all about horse care and grooming.

At the top of the page I created some spelling tiles to spell out the word horse.

When this centre page is folded back it reveals the final two pages of mini-books and pockets.

In the very centre of the lapbook are two pockets, one on horse maths and one on the importance of horses in Islam. Above the pockets is a flap book all about horse colours.

Inside the flap are pictures of horses of all different colours and shades. I found the images to create this book here.

I created a pocket to hold some maths cards. At the time we were making this lapbook Samira was learning about division and sharing so I made the cards to focus on this subject. My files are fully editable so you could always adjust them to suit your students needs.

I put together a pocket to hold two mini-books about horses in Islam.

The first mini book is designed to look like a Qur’an and when opened it reveals an ayah about the creation of horses.

The second mini-book is put together in a notebook style showing a selection of ahadith that mention horses.

On the final page is another mini book all about horse shoes and a selection on images show different equestrian sports.

When the horse sport tab is folded back it reveals another famous equestrian sport underneath.

The final mini-book is all about horse shoes. The book is actually shaped like a horse shoe. I found the template for it here.

I found this to be a good opportunity to dispel any myths regarding “lucky” horse shoes and explained the importance of reliance upon Allah and avoiding anything that comes close to shirk (reliance upon and worshipping other objects or beings besides Allah)

19 comments on “Horses Lapbook

  1. Impressive work Samira! Very detailed and interesting.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Sister

    SubhanaAllah, I was searching the net for a Horses Lapbook as my DD wants to do one so badly. Came across a currclick Horses Project pack which would have cost me £14!! And then alhamdulillah, found yours! It is exactly what I was looking for mashaAllah! May Allah (Swt) reward you greatly. Ameen. xx

  3. Assalam Alaykum

    Mash Allah how beautiful may Allah reward you!

  4. I absolutely loved this lapbook. I am presently teaching a group of 6 home schooled students a writing and lit class. We are reading Misty of Chincoteague and I thought doing a lapbook would be fun. I was surprised to NOT be able to find one! Would I be able to use some of your templates for my class?

    • Hi Ellen,

      Thank you very much for your kind comments. Yes, of course, feel free to use whatever material you like from my blogs, I post all my ideas and whatever resources I can for the purpose of sharing and inspiring others so if you see anything you like you’re welcome to download it.

      All my templates are fully editable but if you have any problems you can email me at ImanBendjedidi@googlemail.com and I can send you the files directly.

      Have fun!

  5. Your horse lapbook looks really great! I am about to do two lapbooks with special needs students. I’d like to find out what font you used for the headings. It would appear that they were coloured in after printing. Thank you!

  6. Incredibly, I managed to find the exact font you used shortly after posting my request! 🙂 (Searchfreefonts “Cheri Liney”).

  7. MasAllah,
    very very good info and art work.

  8. I am planning our first lapbook, and knowing my 8 1/2 yr old, i knew it would have to be about horses! I love how yours turned out!
    i did want to ask if you knew where you found the minibook about horse grooming? I’ve been searching quiet a bit, and can’t find anything like it!

    • Hi Kris,

      I made the grooming book myself. I used some pictures from online and read up on the details and then made the minibook. I hope you find it useful. Have you been able to download the files?

      • thanks for the reply 🙂
        i actually hadn’t seen that i could – I’ll have to go back and re-look 🙂

  9. Thank you for this wonderful Lapbook. Im a teacher from Germany and Iam so happy, that you used Word-documents. So i’m able to translate the textes and print easyly…. Great work, you did!

  10. Hello, I love this lapbook. Well done. Would you direct me to the link to download? I do not see a spot on the sidebar …. ? Thank you! 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for kindly sharing your lap book files. I had paid for another file elsewhere but it was above my daughter’s level and didn’t really cover the things she would be interested in learning. Can’t wait to share this with my daughter next week.

  12. […] Lapbook resources for Horse can be found at ImaanHomeschool. […]

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