Cress Caterpillar

My daughter Samira, at 6 years old is very much into art and craft so I decided to get her an art and craft book for Eid.

Inside is a page showing how to make a Cress Caterpillar.

First of all we saved 6 egg shells carefully taking the top half of the shell off and washing the remaining shell with warm soapy water. When they were dry Samira painted the egg shells green.

We don’t buy our eggs in cartons we buy them in trays so I cut out 6 cups from the cardboard tray and Samira painted these green too.

When the green paint was dry she painted on red spots and glued the cardboard cups together with PVA glue.

Then she chose the largest shell to make the caterpillar’s head. She stuck on googley eyes and used a black felt tip pen to draw the mouth.

When all the shells were ready we put them into the  cardboard cups to form the body of the caterpillar.

Now that the caterpillar was ready, we prepared to sow the cress seeds. We needed 6 cotton wool balls, one to be placed in each shell, and some cress seeds, a teaspoon of seeds to be poured into each shell on top of the cotton wool ball.

When the seeds have been added to the shells, pour one teaspoon of water over each of the cotton wool balls and cover the shells until the seeds begin to germinate.

Curl 2 red wire pipe cleaners around to make the caterpillar’s antennae and place into the front shell.

By day 3 the cress was already starting to grow, masha’Allah.

By day 10 the cress was around 5cms tall and ready to eat.

Fun & Delicious!


2 comments on “Cress Caterpillar

  1. Subhanallah, so adorable. We are at letter “E” this week. Will make a great egg craft with a spring theme to it.

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