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Apple Match Game

Here is another simple yet brilliant file folder game, this time courtesy of Homeschool Share.

Inside the file folder are 12 pockets with apples on the front of each pocket. There are 24 cards with red, green and yellow apples. The idea is to put a number of cards into each pocket that matches the number and colour of the apples on the front of the pocket. i.e 1 red apple and 1 green apple on the front of the pocket = 1 red apple and 1 green apple card into the pocket.

 A nice easy game for the little ones. My younger two girls, Amina 3 and Basma 2 were entertained, masha’Allah. The quickly understood how to play the game and could play it without me supervising and they would bring it to me once they had completed it having put all the cards into the correct pockets.


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