Football (Soccer) Lapbook

My 7 year old son’s obsession with football has inspired me to channel that enthusiam through an educational  route which resulted in this little lapbook.

He recently developed a keen interest in football after watching the South Africa World Cup. He joined the local football practise club and then after browsing the internet I was inspired to make a football lapbook with him. The original idea for this lapbook came from the Homeschool Share website. I used a few of the templates but produced some templates of my own to make it more personal to Yusef’s preferences. You will find all the printable templates available to download from my BOX file share folder which you will find in the right of the screen as you scroll down.

Here are a few pictures of what the lapbook looks like when it’s opened out:


On the inside of the front flap on the left side is a mini book all about the FIFA World Cup and a World Cup winners time line tab.

Front of the World Cup mini book.

Details about the FIFA World Cup trophy written up by Yusef.

The front of the World Cup Winners timeline. When pulled out it shows the flag of each country that won the World Cup from Uruguay in 1930 up to Spain in 2010.

On the opposite flap is a tri-fold book on the subject of Sportsmanship and a circle flap book all about the different types of fouls in football.

Inside the book Yusef wrote the different ways in which the players can show good sportsmanship, on some of the other flaps he wrote ‘shaking hands at the start of the match’ and ‘respecting the referee’.

The FOULS circle flap book, with the circles coloured red and yellow to represent the cards shown by the referee to a player who commits a foul.

Yusef wrote an example of misconduct on each of the circle flaps and then I taped them down slightly overlapping eachother.

This is the ‘Playing Soccer’ tab book which contains information on field of play, uniform, equipment, player positions and game duration.

We did some research from the interent and Yusef typed up and copy and pasted some information from Wikipedia and included some clip  art to make this colourful tab book to show the basics of football.

This is a footbal vocabulary flap book.

Inside are several football related words and under each word flap Yusef wrote the definition of the word.

This is a shutter book all about the top 10 football playing countries around the world. Inside Yusef glued down the map and then he used the Atlas to find and colour in the 10 countries, and on either side of the flaps he created a colour key listing countries from the Americas and countries from Europe.

When the centre page of the lapbook is folded back it reveals several more mini books.

This is a pocket that holds 23 fact cards on the Algerian team players for the 2010 National team.

We used information from the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa website to complete the fact cards. Yusef collected information on date of birth, shirt number, position and club history of each player to fill out the fact cards for each member of the team.

This is a pocket that holds a selection of cards I created with quiz questions focusing on football general knowledge and World Cup trivia.

A close up of the quiz card shows the question with the answer printed in italic underneath.

Next up is a flap all about traction.

Inside the flap, Yusef wrote about what traction is and why football players need cleats on their boots.

On the reverse side of the centre flap is another mini book and a fact pocket.

This is the front cover of a mini book that tells how the original World Cup was stolen twice and never recovered.

Yusef was interested to know about the story of Pickles the dog who found the World Cup after it was stolen the first time, so we researched it on the internet and he wrote the story into this mini book.

Finally there is a ball shaped pocket which contains fact cards all about the Buckminster or “Bucky” ball. The modern ball used today by FIFA designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Masha’Allah, Yusef loved making this lapbook. Feel free to download my fully editable templates to make your own personal football lapbook. 


5 comments on “Football (Soccer) Lapbook

  1. hi i would like to know how you printed team Algeria fact cards onto the pocket template. where can i find templates to print on? thanks

    • Hi Noreen …. it took me alot of time to make them individually, I didn’t use templates. I took the pics from the official World Cup 2010 website and the facts and made the cards using Microsoft Word.

  2. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarkatu Dear Sister,
    Tabarak Allah, the lapbook looks super. My boys really want to do it – I just can’t seem to find it on the side panel. Can you please email it to me?
    Jazak Allahu Khayran.

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