Human Body Lapbook (Part 1)

This is my son, Yusef’s lapbook all about the Human Body. It’s actually still a working progress and in all honesty I don’t have time to blog the whole thing in one go. It’s a big project and we will add to the lapbook as we go along insha’Allah and I shall blog it in parts. We have been using many different books as well as electronic media resources. One website I highly recommend for this subject is called “How the Body Works” – Check it out for yourself!

The first page of his lapbook is a general introduction to the external body parts and the internal body organs.

The two large pockets each contain a long tab of cards showing the numerous external body parts and internal organs.

The various internal organs are listed on each card followed by a diagram of the human body showing the position of the organ in the body. Each card has the words written several times to allow for handwriting and spelling practise.

Below are pictures showing the extending tab for the list of external body parts. It lists about 40 parts altogether!!

The second page shows a diagram of the human body from the front with the main external parts labelled by Yusef.

The flap can be flipped over to reveal the reverse of the human body with the various parts labelled, and under the flap is also a diagram showing the major internal organs, labelled by Yusef.

When the page is turned over it contains details on the brain, the senses and the nervous system.

The information about the brain is attached to a large flap page. The front of the flap has a diagram of the brain labelling its major parts and a mini flap book all about nerves.

Then the page can be flipped over to reveal a page dedicated to the 5 senses and another page with more detailed information on the brain.

Yusef wrote up a little something on the 5 senses. Also included is a small table listing the sensory organs and their relatives senses. There is also a flap called The 5 Senses. When it is lifted it reveals some word puzzles on the subject.


On the opposite page is various information on the brain and its functions.

This is a worksheet that I created for Yusef to colour and learn the various regions of the brain that are responsible for different functions. Masha’Allah, he has actually managed to memorise this.

This is a little summary that Yusef wrote up to describe what the brain is.

This is the front cover of a t-book that show the different areas of the brain that are associated with the various senses.

When it is unfolded it shows how Yusef drew lines matching the various senses to the different regions of the brain.

When we had completed the subject of the brain and the nervous system I got Yusef to complete the quiz from the “How The Body Works” website. I printed his quiz results and stored them in the little pocket I made.

On the opposite page are two red flaps with details on the Nervous System.

On the short flap is a diagram of the Nervous System with a small paragraph about how the Nervous System works with the missing words filled in by Yusef.

When the short flap is turned over, on the reverse is a word search based on the Nervous System and a flap called ‘Facinating Facts’.


Inside the ‘Fascinating Facts’ flap are some facts on the brain and nerves.

On the opposite page is another larger flap page focusing on the regions of the brain with an activity to fill in the missing words and complete the sentences.

When the red page is folded back it reveals the blue page on the subject of Muscles.

This is the front cover of a mini book all about muscles. When it is opened it shows some details written up by Yusef.

On the reverse of the red flap is a diagram of how the bicep and tricep arm muscles work. It also includes a flow chart detailing how the brain, nerves and muscles work together.

When the blue page on muscles is folded back it reveals a centre page and on the reverse of the blue page is more information on muscles.

Underneath the blue page at the centre of the lapbook is a green mini book. It contains some copy work from the poetry book called “Allah gave me two eyes to see” by Fatima M. D’Oyen. It is a book about being thankful for our 5 senses.

 On the reverse of the blue page opposite are more details about muscles.

There is a word search all about the Muscular System, another ‘Fascinating Facts’ flap and a flap book all about the different types of muscle.

When the flaps fold down they reveal information on the different types of muscle written up by Yusef.

I have made all the templates that I have created for this lapbook so far available to download HERE insha’Allah. Other activities such as wordsearches and missing words are all from the “How The Body Works” website. 

Look out for Human Body Lapbook (Part 2) … blogging soon insha’Allah.


5 comments on “Human Body Lapbook (Part 1)

  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    This is really nice, ma sha Allah. I’m hoping to get started on the human’s body systems soon in sha Allah.

  2. This is an incredible lapbook! We have only completed a few lapbooks, but I have seen many. This was very impressive. Thank you for sharing your templates.

    Have a blessed week!

    • Thanks very much for your kind comments Carrie. I’ve recently uploaded The Human Body (Part 2) on Teeth, Bones and Joints. Feel free to check it out under the Science section 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for sharing! I stumbled upon you while looking for worksheets about the brain for my 7 year old and am glad I did! I can tell that I will use many of your worksheets and techniques. I also enjoyed reading your other blog as well. Thanks for taking the time to share with other homeschooling moms!

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