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ICT Books for Kids

A very dear friend of mine, also a home-school mum, recently introduced me to a brilliant discount book website called The Book People where you can save as much as 80% on books. I bought this wonderful set of 4 books called ‘Computer Wizards’ for my kids. It introduces them to the basics of ICT. The […]

Family History Folder

My two older kids, Yusef and Samira are working through a wonderful History text and activity book called ‘The Story of the World – Ancient Times’ by Susan Bauer The book starts off explaining about ‘What is History?’ and ‘What is archaeology?’ One of the activities encourages the child to think about what is history and how […]

Stories of the Prophets Activity Sheets

I spent a long time searching for reliable and suitable books to help teach my kids about the stories of the Prophets of Islam. One day a friend introduced me to a set of Learning Roots books that tell the stories of Prophets Adam, Nuh, Musa, Ibrahim and Isa (peace be upon them all). This […]

Butterfly Life Cycle

Last Spring I got onto the subject of metamorphosis with my eldest two and after giving them some examples of the creatures that undergo this process I let them choose which animal they would each like to focus on. Yusef decided he would like to learn about the frog (which was rather fortunate, because at […]

Numbers & Counting Game

I decided to make this little file folder game to help my youngest two girls, Amina 3 and Basma 2 with their counting and number recognition. The aim of this file folder game is to place the cards into the correct pockets. There are 12 pockets. Each pocket has a different coloured number on the […]

Horses Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s lapbook all about horses. She became fascinated with horses recently after she got a game called Horse Life for Eid. It’s one of the more educational games available for Nintendo DS. It teaches everything you need to know about horses including riding techniques and care and grooming. It teaches all the […]

Cress Caterpillar

My daughter Samira, at 6 years old is very much into art and craft so I decided to get her an art and craft book for Eid. Inside is a page showing how to make a Cress Caterpillar. First of all we saved 6 egg shells carefully taking the top half of the shell off […]