Hajj Mini Lapbook

My three girls, Samira 6, Amina 3 and Basma 2 all helped with putting this mini lapbook on Hajj together and they have all been learning together masha’Allah.

It is based on Umm Abdul Basir’s Hajj Lapbook and all the templates for the various minibooks are from her blog, may Allah reward her abundantly for sharing, ameen.

When the lapbook is opened out it looks like this:

We put together a mini shutter book that shows Hajj day by day.

The front of the book is decorated with gold glitter and I thought it would be nice to give the book an Islamic architechtural shape.

When the book is opened it reveals a set of day by day circle flap books.

Under each of the circle flaps are the various rites of Hajj that are performed on that particualar day (or days).

On the first day the pilgrim puts on the ihram and makes the intention to perform the Hajj.

The next flap reveals the next rite, which is to perform the Welcome Tawaf, circumambulating the Ka’bah seven times.

The next flap reveals the Maqam Ibrahim where the hujjaj are expected to pray 2 Rakah after performing the Tawaf.

The next flap reveals that the hujjaj must then perform the Sa’i, walking between the two hills of Safa and Marwa seven times.

The flaps reveal that on the third day (10th Dhul-Hijjah), the hujjaj take part in the stoning of the Jamarat, perform their sacrifice and shave or shorten their hair.

If you would like to make a similar day by day mini book, you can download the template here.

Next we put together this lovely little book on Hajj Colours.

And similarly we put together the ABC’s of Hajj book.

If you like these two mini books you can download them here insha’Allah.

Colours of Hajj Mini Book

ABC’s of Hajj Mini Book

Next I printed out these Animals for Dhabh cards. Included are cards showing the animals that can be used for sacrifice and cards with silhouettes of the animals so that the child can try to match the animal to its silhouette. The girls had great fun with these.

You can download these cards here, courtesy of Umm Abdul Basir.

Next I printed off these wonderful Hajj themed counting cards.

A close up of a couple of the counting cards.

These cards are very useful, and unlike a counting tab they allow the children the opportunity to try to put the numbers in the correct order by themselves.

If you like these cards, you can download the template here.

We also put together this spelling tab to spell out the name of the Islamic month in which Hajj is performed: D – H – U – L – H – I – J – J – A – H.

When the tab is pulled out it reveals the spelling of the Islamic month.

You can find the template to make this spelling tabe here.

Finally, we made these Hajj Mini Jigsaw Puzzles. My younger two girls never tired of playing with them. Just as well I pasted them onto sturdy corrugated card.

You will find the file for these puzzle templates here.

We thoroughly enjoyed putting this lapbook together and we have learned alot and had a lot of fun too, masha’Allah.

All the files for this lapbook can be download in one zip folder HERE.

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14 comments on “Hajj Mini Lapbook

  1. As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Wonderful sis! I love it! You all looked like you had so much fun making this! masha Allah.

  2. salam alaykoum,

    masha’a LLAH it’s beautiful !!!
    baraka LLAH fi kouna for this lapbook!!!!

  3. Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sisters, jazaki’Allahu khayran for you kind comments. Yes, masha’Allah, it was brilliant fun and the kids learnt so much from it.

  4. mashallaah love it! jazaakillaah for sharing!

  5. Mash’Allah! May Allah bless you and Sis Umm Abdul Bashir. Ameen

  6. Amazing ! Ma sha Allah . Ja Ka Allah u Khair for sharing all this wonderful learning materials. !

  7. Brilliant masha-Allah!

  8. wow ,mashAllah i just saw the hajj mini lap book,its all i need for my kids to get a general understanding of the eent in a interesting and colorful way.jazakallah

  9. This is just fantastic. May Allah bless all the sisters involved in sharing this with us. Pls keep sharing creative ideas to teach our children Islam. I am just so inspired! Baarak Allah feekum!!

  10. SUBHAN ALLAH, MA SHA ALLAH and JAZAAK ALLAH KHAIRA. Highly informative and educational for children and even adults plus very easy to understand. May ALLAH ZUL JALAAL WAL IKRAM SUBHANA WA T’ALA bless you all with HIS KHAIR and BARAKA both here and hereafter.

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  12. Salaam walaikum! May Allah reward you! Did you laminate some of the cut outs and books? For instance the Colors of Hajj book…..is this laminate? It says to staple them, but it looks like maybe yours is held up using tape or perhaps laminated? I’m wondering if I should laminate some of these first…….Any additional tips would be greatly appreciated!


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