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Paper Plate Owl

This little craft was simple, inexpensive and fun.

When my son had been working on his Owl project I had been looking online for information and resources for him to use and I came across this Owl Paper Plate Craft on the Enchanted Learning Website.

When he’d completed his Owl Project Folder I thought it would be nice to finish off with a bit of art and craft, and all the kids got involved.

To make the Owl, you need three paper plates. (You can visit the link above for full illustrated instructions) Use one for the body, one for the head, cuting out a small section to make eartufts and the third plate is to be cut in half to make wings. I stapled the plates in their relative positions because it’s so much easier than glue and you don’t have to wait for it to dry.

I then made various shades of brown paint and cut up some sponges and the kids dabbed the paint all over their paper plate owls. While they were drying the older kids helped to cut out feet shapes and beak shapes using yellow card.

When the paint was dry, they glued on feet and using a black pen, drew nostrils onto the beak before gluing that on too. Finally I cut out some ovals from white card and the kids used black pen to draw the eyes and glued them onto the owl’s head.


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