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Hajj Mini Lapbook

My three girls, Samira 6, Amina 3 and Basma 2 all helped with putting this mini lapbook on Hajj together and they have all been learning together masha’Allah. It is based on Umm Abdul Basir’s Hajj Lapbook and all the templates for the various minibooks are from her blog, may Allah reward her abundantly for sharing, […]

Names of Allah Playing Cards

A while back I took a 4 week session with another sister to teach our homeschool group about the Names and Attributes of Allah. We felt this was a very important topic and we made sure that the children were aware of that fact based on the Hadith of Abu Hurayrah, radhi’Allahu anhu: Abu Hurayrah narrated […]

Wudhu Lapbook

This is my daughter, Samira’s lapbook all about wudhu. I was inspired to make this lapbook with her after seeing Umm Abdul Basir’s Wudhu Lapbook, masha’Allah. This is what the contents of the lapbook looks like when it’s opened out. This is a little pocket that holds a set of cards that show the sequence […]

Prophet Nuh Story Poster

I put together this story poster with my 6 year old daughter, Samira. It’s based on the story of Prophet Nuh (alayhi salam). We used the Learning Roots book on Prophet Nuh to add the captions. I very highly recommend all of the Learning Roots products. You can buy the books from their website HERE. […]

Subtraction with ‘Borrowing’ Guide Sheet

I put together this guide sheet to help my son work out his sums. This sheet shows how to do subtractions using the ‘borrowing’ method. 4 minus 9 is not possible so you must borrow from the units of ten. Borrow from the 4 in the units of ten. Cross out the 4 because it […]

Addition with ‘Carrying’ Guide Sheet

When teaching my son maths, I decided I would create some step by step guide sheets for him to use and refer back to for help when working out his sums. This worksheet shows a method of addition with ‘carrying’. You can download it HERE. Start by adding together the units of one  i.e.  6 […]

Paper Plate Owl

This little craft was simple, inexpensive and fun. When my son had been working on his Owl project I had been looking online for information and resources for him to use and I came across this Owl Paper Plate Craft on the Enchanted Learning Website. When he’d completed his Owl Project Folder I thought it would […]