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Seasons Lapbook

This is a lapbook my eldest daughter has been working on. We are coming back to add to it throughout the year as the seasons change. It has a Winnie the Pooh theme because my daughter loves it and I thought it would make it more fun for her.

We decided to start off with Spring and began with a discussion about all the things that happen in Spring time. Then I printed out some colouring pages with key words.

 Then I searched on the internet to find a simple diagram that shows the main parts of a plant. I printed the worksheet for her to colour, then I cut out the individual parts for her to glue together and then we learned the names of the parts and labelled the diagram.

Then I helped her to make a flap page on the creation of plants and flowers.

When the flap opens it reveals two over-laping flaps. The first flap shows another diagram of a flower with the parts labelled.

And when that flap is opened it reveals another flap diagram of a tree with its various parts labelled.

And finally, when the last flap is folded back it reveals that Allah created the flowers and trees.

On the underside of the first large flap is an alphabetical dot-to-dot of a flower beautifully coloured by Samira, masha’Allah.

On the next page we took a look at how plants grow, looking at stages from seed to fully grown plant.

I downloaded this lovely little booklet from ESL Printables.

Samira coloured the booklet and we discussed how the plants grow stage by stage.

Next we talked about baby animals.

I helped Samira to complete this mother and baby matching game. Even I learned a few things, masha’Allah.

Then she completed this little colouring activity about animals and their babies.

We discussed the life cycle of the chicken using a lovely little book called “See how they grow” by Mary Ling. And then I got Samira to draw the lifecycle into her book.

Then she complete this neat little wordsearch on baby animals.

In the final part of our discussion on Spring we learned about metamorphosis.

We created a flip-over page. On one side is a diagram showing the life cycle of the frog and on the other side is a diagram showing the life cycle of the butterfly.

Then we moved onto the next season …

We discussed many of the fun things we do in summer, such as flying kites, going to the beach, camping, walking along the river to feed the ducks etc.

We created this page showing Winnie the Pooh flying a kite.

I cut out a cardboard frame for the kite and then Samira glued on some red tissue paper in between the two frames. Then we attached some twine and used sticky back plastic to make the colourul ribbons on the kite’s tail.

We attached the kite in such a way that when you fold it back it reveals a maths colouring activity with a beautiful summer scene.

To be continued, insha’Allah …


One comment on “Seasons Lapbook

  1. Asslamualaikum Sister,
    I love the ideas behind this lap book. How do I get the printout for this? especially looking for the “match the young” and “from seed to plant” mini book

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