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Phonics Lapbook

I created a series of Phonics Lapbooks with my daughter when she first started learning to read and write. These lapbooks are based on the Progressive Phonics program. All the materials are available online for free.

The Progressive Phonics website provides a range of activities  with each series of books including a ‘Read with Me’ story book, colouring pages, handwriting pages and activities to help with letter recognition.  I would print off the worksheets and use them to help create this lapbook for my daughter.

Here you can see an example of the shapes to help with letter formation and reconition. I printed the shapes worksheet onto coloured card and cut them out for my daughter to practise making the shapes of the letters. Then we glued them down onto a flap, and using MS Word Art I printed off the words in bold font for her to colour and glue under the flaps.

There are about 10 short story books for each of the series. And each series covers a number of letters and vowels and progresses onto combining sounds to form longer words. Each of the story books introduce one or two new letters and words and these words are printed in red throughout the story. The adult reads the story to the child and the child should try to read the red words.

I printed out the story book pages and cut them up to make individual pages. I stuck them back to back on card to form little story books for my daughter to stick down in her lapbook.

The website provides handwriting worksheets to practise individual letters and new words. When my daughter completed the handwriting sheet I would cut them down to size and stack and staple them into her lapbook. I also created a cover flap for her to colour the different letters that she had learned in that handwriting session.

Some of the handwriting worksheets covering the letters ‘d’, ‘o’, and ‘g’.

I also created some circle flap books to help her to recognise other words that start with the same letter.

I would get my daughter to colour in the objects that all start with the letter in the middle. These worksheets are available on the website but unfortunately they are not available for every new letter that is introduced, so I had to put together some of my own.

Handwriting and letter recognition

Another story book

In order to review what my daughter was learning, after every 3 or 4 books, I would stop and give her little spelling tests. I would give her a word and ask her to sound it out to herself and write it down.

I also created this little reading review sheet. I gave it to her as blank boxes with a word (name of a character) above each box and I asked her to read the word to herself and draw a picture to match with what she thought the word read. Masha’Allah, I was pleased to see that she got them all right.

More letter recognition.

Handwriting sheets

Another story book

More circle flaps for individual letters

A layout of what we would cover in one session including a story book, handwriting sheets, letter formation and recognition and a colouring page showing a scene from the latest book.

Another lapbook from the series 2 introducing a new set of letters with a new set of story characters.

Same layout with flaps for letter recognition, story books and colouring pages.

More handwriting sheets

In the second series more words are introduced earlier on. By Book 2 we had already learned 6 new words.

A close-up of a book from the second series.

I highly recommend the Progressive Phonics program for anyone wanting to help their kids learn to read and write. Its simple, quick and easy insha’Allah.


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