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Owls Project Folder


Last year I was going through a “stubborn” phase with my son and was having trouble getting him enthusiastic about doing his work. So I  decided to give him the choice to do a project on whatever subject he liked and he chose to do a mini project about owls.

We used the internet to do some research and I found some nice fact sheets online. After researching I also created my own fact sheets and question and answer sheets. If you would like to make a similar project folder you can download my set of 30 worksheets HERE.

***UPDATE*** All of the maps in the above file say ‘Long-Eared Owl’. To download the correct individual maps please click on the links below:

The first pages look at owls in general. Where they live, what they eat, how they hunt, the different families of owls, etc.

I made sure to include lots of pictures and colouring pages.

This is one page of a ‘missing word’ fact sheet that I put together. My son had to read through the paragraphs and fill in the relevant missing words.

I gave my son a factsheet about Barn Owls and then he used it complete the question and answer worksheets in his own words.

Here is the factsheet and question and answer pages on the Snowy Owl.

I also included some World maps so that my son could write about and colour the countries where certain species of owl can be found.

This was a nice dot to dot colouring activity.

Next up were some fact sheets and question and answer sheets on Screech Owls.

I also included some blank boxes for my son to add in his own details. In the photo above you can see he drew some Screech Owl eggs.

Some more maps and a nice symmetry activity which tied in nicely since we had recently covered symmetry during our maths lessons.

Some more fact sheets and question and answer sheets, this time on Long-eared Owls. It also includes a neatly coloured picture of a Long-eared Owl in which my son made sure he paid attention to detail to created the speckled pattern on the owl’s chest.

I also created an Owl Fact Crossword activity which my son enjoyed completing.


One comment on “Owls Project Folder

  1. Love this. It is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing

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