Solar System Project Folder

After completing our Solar System Poster I went into further detail on the Solar System with my son because he showed a lot of interest in the subject. We made a mini project folder with lots of “Fact Flaps” where a question is written on the front of the flap and then he wrote his answer inside. This gave him a good opportunity to read and do his own research and it also helped him to practise answering with full sentences.

If you would like the files to make this project folder you can download them HERE.

We used several books for reference:

Knowledge Masters: Outer Space written by Harry Ford and Kay Barnham

SPACE published by NPP Books

We also founds lots and lots of wonderful information from the Enchanted Learning Website

The first page consisted of four flaps that discussed the Solar System in general. One of the flaps had a double flap to show details of each planets orbit. To make the flaps I used MS Word. I pasted in shapes and filled them with a deep space image and then I used WordArt to write the questions on the flaps. Then I printed an A4 sheet with 4 ruled boxes for my son to write his answers in. Finally, I simply sellotaped the flaps over the top of his answer boxes.

I created this worksheet myself based on a diagram from the Outer Space book.

Next up was another set of question and answer flaps all about the Sun followed by a diagram showing the structure of the Sun.

Then my son did a page all about spacecraft flying near the sun. We did a short bit of research about the Helios 2 space probe.

Then we made some question and answer flaps with general questions about the planets of the Solar System before making fact pages dedicated to each of the planets in turn.

A page all about the planet Mercury.

Venus planet facts page.

A page dedicated to the planet Earth.

Being that we are a Muslim family, I thought this was a good opportunity to explain to my son what the Qur’an says about life on Earth. 

The book is completed with a page of facts for the remaining planets.


3 comments on “Solar System Project Folder

  1. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu sister, Is it ok for us to use some of these ideas to finish off our solar system project we have been working on. I really love this work maashaaAllaah.

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sis,

      Yes, of course, that’s why I blog to share these ideas with others … you can find the files to download if you need them insha’Allah. Jazaki’Allahu khayran for your kind comments.

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