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Papier Mache Ka’bah

*** UPDATED: Ruling on Making Models of the Ka’bah ***

This project started out as part of our ‘Focus on Hajj’ theme at our local Home-school group. For a few weeks I saved a number of cereal boxes and the day before we met for the group I taped the boxes together to form a large cuboid. I used 10 boxes altogether.

On the day I prepared some papier mache paste and cut some newspapers into strips ready for the kid to start the first stage of making a papier mache model of the Ka’bah.

The kids from the home-school group worked together to paste strips of newspaper all over the cardboard boxes, covering it with a few layers of paper. At the end of the day I took it home to let it dry until the next session. When I took it back next time it looked like this:

During the next session we let the kids loose with black poster paint, painting the model until it was black all over.

At the end of the session I took the model home to finish drying. Unfortunately it happened that the home-school group had to break up for the holidays, so I let my two older kids finish the model at home.

They decorated it using gold glitter while I printed out images of the Kab’ah door and the Hajr al Aswad (the Black Stone) for them to paste on.


One comment on “Papier Mache Ka’bah

  1. assalam alkum very well lesson plan for kids may allah sat give you reward for it

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