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Eid ul Fitr Lapbook

Last Ramadhan the older two kids worked on the Eid ul Fitr Lapbook courtesy of TJ Ramadan. The old link for the lapbook templates is no longer active so I have made the file available HERE, and all credit goes to Sister Samirah Umm Ibrahim of Talibideen Jr.

To make the lapbook we used square construction card and added additional pages as the book came together.

 The first page contains a 4 flap book with questions about Eid on the flap front and the answers written inside.

Next up was a little writing activity. I asked my son to complete the sentences by filling in the missing words. He had to answer using the information he had written in the first 4 flaps.

Stuck into the lapbook and decorated with colourful metallic stars.

Next up were some handwriting sheets to practise both the English and Arabic spellings.

This lovely little accordion book explains the Sunnah etiquettes before attending the Eid Prayer.

Next, we made a flip style note book all about out community’s musalla (place of prayer for Eid). This was probably my son’s favourite part because he enjoyed tracing the map.


My son stuck on a star to represent where we live aand another star to represent where the masjid is (in our local area we don’t have an open place for the Eid prayer as is the sunnah, so they attend the masjid instead). Then he drew the route they would walk from the house to the masjid.

Finally he drew and coloured a picture of the masjid entrance. Then I stacked and stapled all the pages and pasted them into the lapbook.

Then I printed off some photos showing the Eid prayer in different countries around the world which my son pasted into the lapbook.

Next we made a tri-fold mini book all about Going to The Eid Prayerwhich talks about going early to the prayer, walking different routes to and from the prayer, reciting the Eid Takbir and greeting people along the way.

A few more English and Arabic handwriting practise sheets …

The kids completed a maze game to show all the different routes they can take to go to and return from the musalla.

Next came some pages on the traditional Eid greeting written up in speech bubbles in Arabic and English.

Nest came a page showing what we do to get ready for the Eid prayer. This included wearing new clothes and reciting the Eid Takbir whilst walking to the masjid. My son wrote up the Eid Takbir with translation and pasted it into a flap.

Then came another fun bit … we did lots of research into how different countries and cultures celebrate Eid. We covered seven countries in all, looking at how they celebrate, how they dress, what special foods they eat, etc.

To be continued insha’Allah …


One comment on “Eid ul Fitr Lapbook

  1. Masyaa ALLAH…jazaakillahu for sharing, ukhti…barakallahu fiik…

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