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Ramadhan Tot Book

This is my 3 year old daughter’s Ramadhan Tot Book made with some help from her 6 year old sister, masha’Allah.

This is a wonderful little Tot Book created by Umm Abdul Basir. You can find the templates to make this lapbook on her blog insha’Allah.

This is the open view of the tot book … a simple, neat layout.

This puzzle is fantastic for toddlers and it has the added bonus of doing a bit of colouring in first. My 3 year old daughter, Amina loves colouring so I let her start with this activity first. When she had finished, I glued the shapes onto an empty cereal box to make the pieces a bit sturdier and then cut them out.

Both Amina (3yrs) and Basma (2 yrs) wasted no time in practising puting this together.

Next up … a bit more colouring. I got Amina to colour in the different sized crescent moons and then with the help of their older sister, all three girls had a bit of fun putting the moons in size order from smallest (baby moon, as Amina called it, LOL) to largest, and vice versa.

And when they were finished, there was a nice neat pocket ready to store the moons in.

Then we made a start on the Ramadhan counting tab.

When pulled out it reveals simple, Ramadhan-themed tabs.

Next up were the ABC match puzzle pieces which help to teach upper and lower case letters. My 3 year old is not quite there with learning ABC’s but with help from Samira, their 6 year old sister, all three girls had fun matching the letters and learning the words. I decided to let Samira colour the cards because she can colour neater than the younger two and that way the detail on the cards wouldn’t be lost.  

Then all the cards were stored in this neat pocket.

Finally I let Samira make make this little flap book about the phases of the moon. I think Amina was too young to really understand the moon phases, but it was something I had covered last Ramadhan with Yusef (my 7 year old son) and I had reviewed it again this Ramadhan with both of the older kids.

I liked that each page allows the child to draw a different picture to add to the night sky scene. Under the crescent moon Samira drew a telescope (to spot the hilaal that marks the beginning Ramadhan). Under the half moon (first quarter) she drew a picture of a masjid.

On the last page she drew a picture of people attending the Eid Prayer.


One comment on “Ramadhan Tot Book

  1. Masha Allah this is great 🙂 My 3 year old was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the activities I was doing with my 5 year old, this is perfect she loves the tot books I have already made for her.

    Jazzakillahu khair!

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