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Bird World Lapbook

After a day trip with their grandparents to Bird World in Farnham, Surrey, UK, my older two children worked together to make a lapbook all about the different birds we saw at the wildlife centre.

We kept a map of the centre as a souvenir to put into the first page of the lapbook.

We used the map to recall our journey around the wildlife centre and then the kids dedicated a page to each of the different types of birds we saw. We took alot of photos of the birds as we went round and we also googled some photos to add to the pages.

We searched on the internet to find out facts about each of the birds, such as their habitat, where they can be found in the world, when and how they nest, what they eat, etc.

We also added in maps and flags to show where each species of bird are found in the world.

I found some nice bird colouring pages for the kids to print and colour to add to their lapbook.

They used the photos to help them colour the pictures.

Now we have a nice book that helps us remember our wonderful day out as well as helps us to recall interesting and amazing facts about many different species of birds from all around the world.


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