Science Lapbooks

Seahorse Lapbook

This is my daughter Samira’s lapbook on Seahorses. I found the templates for this lapbook over at Homeschool Share but I also created a few extra bits and pieces. You can download all the elements for this lapbook HERE. This lapbook was made by taping two sheets of A3 card together side by side and […]

Orcas (Killer Whale) Lapbook

After taking some time out to focus on other subjects of interest we are now back on track with our Oceans Project. My daughter Samira has been working on this Orcas Lapbook. You can preview and download the files and unit study information for this lapbook HERE. Samira loves everything to do with whales and dolphins […]

Oceans Lapbook

I designed this Oceanography lapbook last November and recently my ten year old son and nine year old daughter completed it together as part of our unit study on oceans. You can preview and download the templates for this lapbook HERE. The download includes a list of recommended books and useful links and diagrams to help complete […]

Tiger Lapbook

Last year we did a unit study on India. My son made an India Lapbook and we did some arts and crafts and cooking as well as watching some interesting documentaries on life in India’s slums and Tiger conservation. At the time my daughter, Samira really wanted to make a lapbook about Tigers but I couldn’t find a […]

Polar Animals Lapbook

Last year we did a number of projects on the Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic) but we never got round to completing this Polar Animals lapbook. I decided to save it to review this year and we made it a project for all of the children to work on together. The projects we did last year […]

Botany Lapbook

As part of our Botany Project back in the Summer the kids completed their Botany Notebooks, their Trees Lapbook and this Botany Lapbook, putting the final touches last week. Most of the work was completed using this fantastic book, the Usborne Science Encyclopedia pages 250-295. It goes into a huge amount of detail so I simplified […]

FREE Oceans & Oceanography Lapbook

We are so excited to start our Oceans unit study next week inshaa’Allah and we will begin with this Oceanography lapbook which I designed yesterday. You can scroll down to see some sample pages of the lapbook elements. If you like this lapbook you can download it HERE. I have also included, within the file, an information […]

FREE Octopus Lapbook

I’m putting together the final lapbooks and worksheets ready for our unit study on Oceans. I’ve just finished designing this Octopus (and other Cephalopods) Lapbook which you can download HERE. This lapbook covers several species of Octopus as well as three other types of Cephalopods: Squid, Cuttlefish and Nautilus. Here are some samples of the lapbook […]

Trees Lapbook

We have been tying up the loose ends of our Botany Project over the last two weeks and I have finally gotten around to sorting out the photos of Yusef and Samira’s Trees Lapbook. They also completed a Botany Lapbook which I will share with you next week inshaa’Allah. I found the templates for this […]

FREE Orcas (Killer Whales) Lapbook & Unit Study

I am currently preparing and gathering information and lapbook templates ready for our Oceans projects next month. I recently prepared our FREE Crustacean Lapbook & Unit Study. My daughter, Samira loves dolphins and whales and she asked me if she could work on an Orca Lapbook. I had a look online but I couldn’t find […]


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